Presentations from the Brisbane Reunion, Oct 14

The major theme for the annual Brisbane reunion for 2014 was focussed on the experiences from Moem Barracks in Wewak. As a result, the majority of presentations were personal experiences of National Service RAAEC sergeants who spent their time in TPNG at Wewak or the 2PIR outpost at Vanimo which is close to the Indonesian border. To enrich the variety of presentations, Susan Penny, the wife of Captain Stewart Penny (R. A. Inf), gave her experiences of her time in Wewak while her husband served there.

Most presentations were supported by PowerPoint slides (chiefly photographs of the time) and these have been converted to PDF files for easy download and viewing from the web.

If available, the PDF file of the talk that accompanied the PowerPoint slides has been included as a separate file.

Presentations about Moem Barracks

  • Susan Penny arrived 3 months after her husband in January 1968 and a link to her talk is here while the link to her photos is here.
  • Martin Forbes (1972-73) was posted to TPNG and Moem Barracks as the Didiman (an Agricultural Instructor) towards the end of the National Service period. His talk was supported by the PowerPoint presentation whose link is here.
    The link to his talk is here.
  • Greg Smith (1969-70) was unable to be present but participants saw a slide show of photos from his visit to Wewak in 2007 (after hiking the Kokoda Track). He also sent a presentation about his Didiman role at 2 PIR.
  • Russell Jenkin whose photo appears here giving his talk, was posted to Moem Barracks in 1967-68.
    Jenkin Chalkies Reunion Brisbane 2014The link to his talk is here.
  • Rod Cassidy (1970-71) gave a talk mainly about his experiences in Vanimo. Click here to view the text. All Education sergeants serving in Wewak were posted to Vanimo on a three month rotation.

Further Presentations

  • Graham (Nobby) Carnes also made a presentation about his time at Igam Barracks at Lae. The link to his PowerPoint presentation is here.
  • Darryl Dymock was posted to Taurama Barracks in 1969. Since then, Darryl has pursued an academic career. In his presentation, he outlined a Research Grant that he has received to investigate the origins of the scheme where National Servicemen were posted to TPNG as Education Instructors. The link to his PowerPoint presentation is here

There were other presentations but these did not include a PowerPoint presentation so they cannot be included here.

Attendees (were from QLD unless shown otherwise):

  • Major Mary-Lou Bates (RAAEC)
  • Knobby Carnes
  • Rod Cassidy
  • Vlad Cizauskas
  • Ian Colwell
  • Frank Cordingley
  • Darryl Dymock
  • Greg Farr
  • Martin Forbes (Victoria)
  • Sharon Harper-Greentree
  • Kev and Lindy Horton
  • Norm and Rae Hunter
  • Greg Ivey
  • Russell Jenkin (Victoria)
  • Graeme and Cheryl Johnson (Western Australia)
  • Ian and Karen Minns
  • Ian and Elizabeth Ogston
  • Stewart and Sue Penny
  • Kevin and Jennifer Smith
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  1. Great presentations, I particularly enjoyed Sue Penny’s, Sue and Stewart were a breath of fresh air at Moem, always the life of the party, and Sue I agree DJ (my brother) , the McCormicks and other weren’t always easy to teach religious instructions to, tho I was at Wewak A school in 68. And Sue Dad says he remembers every one of the reason Stewart got handed extra duties, he tells me to remind you of the infamous scooter ride through the Officer Mess and the CO’s famous words ” Mr Penny that will be 7 days extras” great times and laughs.

    Great photos everyone, I will eventually get mine sorted and on to the site.

    Thanks Greg Wease

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