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However, If you wish to join the PNGDF you can:

visit their Website: www.defence.gov.pg
write a Letter to:
The Recruiting Officer
HQ PNGDF Murray Barracks
Free Mail Bag, Boroko
National Capital District

We are not able to help you any further.


Also available:

Igam Barracks Photo Gallery -
Officer cadets at Igam Barracks with Sgt Andrew Dalziel

Igam Barracks Photo Gallery -
Military Cadet School (Igam) cadets on patrol

Igam Barracks Photo Gallery -
Igam Barracks from Colin Beszant

Igam Barracks Photo Gallery -
Bruce Nulty and his VW with Peter Darmody on trip to the Highlands from Lae

Igam Barracks Photo Gallery -
Igam school, year 3 and 4, 1973 courtesy of Peter Fairman (now known as Peter Bruce).
He is in the green striped shirt behind the teacher
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  1. Can u be able to post a photo of sagent Paul Kaue who took care of schhol cadets at Igan in the late 60s & early 70s.

  2. Hi Peter Bruce, the teacher looks familiar that must be late Mr Sadgrove who was married to a local woman from the East Sepik Province, I also attended Igam Primary School during that period

    • Hi I am in the class photo we were there between 17 January 1972 to 19 November 1973. May I have your permission to copy it please .

  3. Hi I am looking for anyone that served at Ingram Barracks from November 1984 – to June 1986, who may have know Major Grant Payne who was an instructor? We are also after anyone that noticed asbestos dust in any of the sleeping quarters, training rooms, mess or canteen

  4. I am an Official Next of Kin of my late Uncle Captain Malasawa Yamsob, please do let me know if there are any records and or photos of him serving in the force that I can access.


    • Afio
      We are not an official PNGDF website
      This website has no access to past records of members of the pre-independence PIR or current day PNGDF. However, there are numerous photos of PNG nationals who served during our time (1966-73) so I suggest you look on our website for his uncle if he served during that time as there may be photos.
      You may contact us if you need help to download any photos from this website.
      To get an official record of your uncle’s service, you would need to contact PNGDF at Murray Barracks for “records” and other photos of your uncle’s service.


    • Hello Mal
      I have looked for the name “Manaima” in our PIB history book (Green Shadows) but he is not listed among the PIB soldiers.
      You could look for his name in another PIB history book called “To Find a Path Volume 1” – look in chapters 14 to 33.

  6. I Mark Imma who as the potential desire in joining the military of png.Currently am doing grade12 with my good offered course. Therefore please do not hestitate to verify me whenever recruitement is on. ..thanks. . Mark imma

    • Mark,
      This website does not know when recruitment into the PNGDF is occurring. Use the information at the top of this page to send in an application.

  7. Dear,
    I my name: Wilson Kevin Pos, I have great harte in joining the military of PNG. this career was indeed dreamed in my childhood. Last year I completed my Gr.12.
    I’m writing to you to kindly notify me when the recruitment is on please my dears.
    Wilson Kevin Pos.

    • Wilson,
      Please read the instructions at the top of this page to apply to the PNGDF. As stated in the instructions, this website does not have any information about the current PNGDF. This also applies to recruitment times.

  8. hi, I am an interested applicant for PNGDF Cadat officer recruitment.
    Please notify me if the application is out.I will send all my required documents for your consideration.
    In fact, I am 26 years old and still single. Having my Bachelor degree in Secondary Education. Currently I am teaching in Lihir Secondary School. Beginning of my second year of teaching now.
    Thank you
    Issac kaupa

  9. Hi there,
    to serve in the military as a medic is my childhood dream. I am about to complete my nursing degree in Pacific Adventist University and really would like to join the military one day. But, I would like to further my study and take up medicine after nursing. Say for example, if I am recruited into PNGDF, will I be sponsored by the force to further my study into medicine and serve as a PNGDF medic?
    Please I need advice from someone superior.

    Thank you

    • Papua New Guinea Defence Academy (PNGDA) does not currently have a unit email address. It is however still producing 2LTs and just graduated another 28 last month. It has produced almost 100 2LTs since 2013.

  10. I remember helping Ken Grant, Mr Grant, concrete under his house when he first moved up there. There was several of us handy.
    At the family Xmas this year I told my younger brother that I still had not forgiven him for making us leave PNG. It is something I have regretted ever since.

    Peter Buckley.

  11. Hi Ken that would be excellent.

    Coincidentally, I am scanning some slides and negatives of my fathers – he passed away in April this year and I have the wonderful job of scanning and circulating to my family – there are some shots I have never seen before so the task is quite enjoyable!

    Re my age – My sister Sian is 57 (she started at Igam in grade 6), Liong is 56, Giok is 53 and I am 54 – and Mum is still well and truly alive (for a 76 year old). – my email is lauwtsl@hotmail.com

    FYI there is another forum thread that I started at: http://www.pngbd.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1424&page=13
    which has some good recollections of Igam.

    Such vivid memories of our experiences of Igam and Lae – including the principal who followed you…

    Best regards

  12. Hi,

    My name is David Tiki and I am a current serving member of the PNGDF and a son of a military personnel who served at Igam Barracks back in the 70’s after my old man and his unit were posted from Taurama Barracks (PIR) to Igam Barracks.

    I went to school with the Australian kids during my growing up but have since forgotten their names over time, there was a scout master an Australian Army officer who used to get us for scouting, I don’t know whether he is still alive or not, one time we went for patrol behind the tank hill and the rain was so heavy that he had to call the camping off and we all return to Igam and were billeted at his house, the next morning we went to our respective homes. I hope his son can read this and maybe acknowledge and confirm this story.

    Once again am glad and thankful that Sgt Chard has posted a lot of the old pictures on his website and is accessible to us especially those servicemen dependents of the colonial days when the PIR was under the Australian Command to recall those early days of life within a military camp.

    God Bless.

    David Tiki

    • David,
      I am glad that you have found the website of interest. I was posted to 1PIR also so we may have run into each other in the mess during games or film nights. I have returned to 1PIR in 2011 to revisit the battalion and cemetery. Some of those photos are on the web also.
      History is a wonderful topic especially when you have lived through some of the events.

      • All through my childhood life, I always dreamed to be a PNGDF to serve My Country,My people and God.
        I did completed my year 12 in 2013 and I am interested in taking up this career for my life time as a PNGDF

  13. I’m an interested candidate who likes to join PNGDF as a Cadet Officer for 2014. I’m currently studying at PNG Unitech majoring in applied chemistry as this year is my fourth year of study.

    Please I’m really interested to be a member.

    Thank you

    With regards

    • Kepe,
      We wish you every success with your application to join the Defence Force. If you are initially unsuccessful, try again or look for other avenues that may help your advancement. Success goes to those who continue striving rather than to those who give up at the first hurdle. I invite you to write an article for this website when you achieve your goal of entering the RPIR.
      Best Wishes!

    • Hi , I am so into military stuffs inparticular with flying adn wish to join the PNGDF Air element. Please can any one fill me in with some intells on how I can go about to join the Force , and also tell me how the current state of the air transport unit is like.

      Kind Regards

  14. Peter,
    I am glad that you were able to supply more information to Michael Sullivan! As a serving military officer in the present PNG Defence graduating since PNG Independence in 1975, you are in a unique position to relate stories from those early times following the departure of the National Service Instructors in 1973. Your perspective is invited. An article published on our NashosPNG website would be a welcome addition to the many others collected over the past 2 years.
    The Igam Barracks mob would be especially pleased!

  15. Your father, then Maj Barry Sullivan, was the SI Advance Defence Training Wing, Joint Services College of PNG, when I went through as a cadet. I graduated and was commissioned in 1976. I later went on to do my Flying Training with the Royal Australian Air Force in Point Cook, Victoria and Army Aviation in Oakey Queensland. I attained my ‘wings’ and returned as a pilot to the PNG Defence Force Air Transport Squadron.
    I am now a Colonel and my current posting is as the Commandant of the PNG Defence Academy (once JSC) here in Igam Barracks, Lae.

  16. My Father Barry Sullivan did 2 postings to TPNG 67-70 & PNG 79-81. We kids did the first trip to Port Moresby and Lae.
    Dad was in PNGVR then ADJT Igam Barracks with LTCOL Bishop, the second time he was SI Joint Services College Igam Barracks. Does any one know the where about of Lofty Hansen. Ian Pearce keeps in contact.

    • Michael, we need to know more about Lofty’s military position, place and time before we could see if we can help. You can email me if you wish.

      • Hi Greg,
        To assist Michael, Lofty Hansen was a WO2 and his wife Margaret was a teacher at Igam Barracks School in 1968.
        Michael was in Grade 6 in 1968 and his father Barry was a Captain.
        How do I know.
        I opened the school as the first headmaster in 1968 and as Michael’s teacher.
        Both Lofty and Barry were very supportive of the new school, assisting with materials and manpower. We had to build desks, create gardens (Mickey Bishop was a gem) and start from scratch.
        I then went on to join Army Aviation, became a QFI and left as a Capt 5 to fly airlines.
        Ken Grant

        • Hi Ken – I wonder if you remember the Lauws. We were at Igam from June 1968 to Dec 1972. My brothers, sister and I started at Igam Primary when we arrived – great times and a great school despite being with other grades in the same room.

          I am very interested in whether you (or anyone else for that matter) has any photos of that time at Igam.

          • Dear San,
            Of course I remember you and your family.
            It’s so nice to hear from you and a quick calculation would make you about 57.
            I do have some photos of the period at Igam but I will need to convert them from slides to a format which I can email to you.
            Give me your contact details and I will work on them after the New Year.
            Ken Grant

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