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  1. I was hoping to get in contact with other civilians living and or working in Murray Barracks during 1967-1973.
    I was living in the Sargeants Mess and working in Central Registry,as a clerk with Fred.Miller( my boss),Don Shand,Frank Roundfull,Betty Stanton,Gargara,and set up the first Reproduction Centre, near the Signals Centre.
    I was also friends with Sgt.Jack Brambie,and Sgt.Ivan Tau who worked and lived in the Sgt’s mess.Jack was from the Sepic and Ivan from the Highlands.I worked in the Public Service and lived in Pt.Moresby for 10 years and have such fond memories of the wonderfull time and experiences,i had there.I also befriended some wonderfull Papuan New Guineans there who made a big impact on my life in multi cultural embracing!
    Terry Voice.

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