The name ‘Armi Wantoks’ (meaning Army Friends in Neo Melanesian) derives its name from a 2004 publication produced by the National Servicemen who served in PNG from 1966-73. That book tells the experiences of those teachers and the close connections they formed with local soldiers on the Army bases.
These journals and this web site are intended to build on that initial publication with additional articles from that time as well as on-going news of this informal group . A further aim is reaching other national service teachers from this era, especially those from interstate.

Armi Wantoks Journal 1-15


  • The Year of Goldie River
  • Iduabada Tech
  • Thoughts on Mark Dapin’s book ‘The Nashos War’

Armi Wantoks Journal 3-14

  • Writings from the military Cadet School at Igam Barracks, Lae
    • The Bus Driver – by Sgt. Ian Minns
    • Bride Price by Cadet Kowin

Armi Wantoks Journal 2-14

  • My Nasho story including Goldie River 1966-67 – by John Teggelove

Armi Wantoks Journal 1-14

  • Igam Barracks including the program for the opening ceremony on 30th September 1968
  • The role of Igam Barracks at Lae, Papua New Guinea by Ron Inglis

Armi Wantoks Journal 1-13

  • Ten Year Anniversary of the Chalkies Group by Ian Ogston
  • The Origins of the RAAEC by Lt. Col. Roger Jones (retd.)

Armi Wantoks Journal 2-12

  • The Origins of the ‘Chalkies’ Scheme by Lieutenant Colonel Roger Jones (Assistant Director of Army Education, PNG 1967-69)
  • Memorabilia by Ian Ogston
  • Book review (TAIM BILONG MISIS BILONG ARMI) by Greg Ivey

Armi Wantoks Journal 1-12

  • The story of Dan Winkel’s tours
  • A day in the life of a Goldie Chalkie by John Morris (1970-71)

Armi Wantoks Journal 5-11

  • Web site launch

Armi Wantoks Journal 4-11

  • News – 3 ex-sergeants return to PNG in August 2011
  • Patrol from Wanigela to Gurney (D Company 1PIR) March/April 1968

Armi Wantoks Journal 3-11

  • News
  • Important historical photo
  • Frank Cordingley’s PNG experience (1967/8)
  • Chalkies re-united (Ian Ogston and John Morris)

Armi Wantoks Journal 2-11

  • Blog Site ‘PNG Attitude’
  • Visit to Brisbane by Tristan Moss
  • Anzac Day 2011
  • Extract from Townsville Herald August 1969

Armi Wantoks Journal 1-11

  • News – Tristan Moss
  • ANZAC Day
  • The Military Cadet School (Lae) by Andrew Dalziel (1971/2)

Armi Wantoks Journal 3-10

  • 2010 Chalkies Bash
  • Original RAAEC badge
  • Distribution of Chalkies in PNG 1969
  • Origin of Chalkies by State 1969

Armi Wantoks Journal 2-10

  • National Servicemen’s Memorial
  • Bird of Paradise by Phil Adam (1969/70)

Armi Wantoks Journal 1-10

  • News
  • Goldie was Different by Ian Ogston (1970/1)
  • Kokoda (the film)

Armi Wantoks Journal 2-09

  • Annual Get Together
  • 40 years on:Some Reflections on Leadership and Power by Norm Hunter (1967/68)

Armi Wantoks Journal 1-09

  • Address to Queensland Chalkies by Professor George Kearney on 18/10/2008
  • Reflections on Goldie River and Life thereafter by Bill Bailey (1968/69)

Armi Wantoks Journal 2-07

  • On Patrol in New Ireland by Sgt Kev Horton (1970-71)
  • Life as an Army Wife in Papua New Guinea in 1970-71 by Lindy Horton


  1. Gentlemen, it is with pride that I have read so many of your articles – and I hope I can add to them as the RAAEC journeys into the future. It is our 75th anniversary this year, and each and every one of you contributed to our success and longevity – not to mention the improvement and education of so many soldiers and young men and women across the globe. On behalf of the current ‘class’ of RAAEC – thank you.

  2. Thanks Michael for adding to our knowledge about the valuable role played by Officers (Regular & Nasho) in TPNG. My information came from a Memo issued in July 1969 to all RAAEC units proposing an allocation of Nasho Sergeants (only) to bases across TPNG. By November 1969 a few changes had been made while the proportions to bases remained similar. Your information about Officer numbers in Goldie is a welcome addition to our knowledge of the Chalkies.

  3. In Vol 3 of Armi Wantoks Journal, Greg Ivey refers to 5 RAAEC personnel at Goldie. Although your site appears to be specifically about NS personnel, I recall there being 8 RAAEC personnel at Goldie in 1969-70, comprising 5 NS sergeants (one being Bill Bailey) and three officers, one of whom I’m sure was NS (2/Lt Jim Pyle). So if you count the officers, the PNG RAAEC personnel total may be more than Greg suggests. (By the way, it was not only the sergeants who were called “Chalkies”.)

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