Igam Barracks soldiers

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Back Chris Poulton, Terry Mason, Ken Barton Front Major Bell, Capt Noble
Back Row: Chris Poulton (extreme left), Terry Mason and Ken Barton (3rd and 4th from Right)
Front Row Centre: Major Bell, Capt Noble, WO 1 (later Lt.) Doug McLean

Igam Barracks soldiers -
Igam Barracks Sergeants 1968
from left – Sgt. Rusty Morris, Sgt. Graham ‘Knobby’ Carnes, Sgt. Peter Darmody, Sgt. Alan Calder, Sgt.., Sgt. Bruce Nulty, Sgt. Jim Wells

Igam Barracks soldiers -
back row – Sgt Graham ‘Knobby’ Carnes, Sgt…, Lt Tom Hall (dec.), Sgt Alan Calder, Capt George Dale, Sgt. Bruce Nulty
front row – Sgt Rusty Morris, Lt …, Sgt Peter Darmody

Igam Barracks soldiers -
Education Corps Igam Barracks Lae – 1968
Fourth from left – LT Tom Hall (dec.); sixth from left – Capt George Dale

Igam Barracks soldiers -
Sgt. Peter Darmody (left), WO2 Lofty Hansen (touching truck) leaving for highlands to deliver to PNGVR – 1968

Igam Barracks soldiers -
1972 Chalkies at Igam Barracks, Lae
Back row: (l-r)
SGT Graham Thompson, Lt Richard (Dick) Jeffkins, SGT Vladus Julius (Dave) Cizauskas (Wheelbarrow)
Front row: (l-r)
SGT Andrew Dalziel, SGT Ian Minns, SGT Peter Kilian

Back Row: L-R Ian Minns, Ian Curtis, Dave Cizauskas, Terry Clarke Front Row: L-R George Sears, Cpt Noble, Lt Jeffkins, Wolf Ivanowitsch
Back Row: L-R Sgt Ian Minns, Sgt Ian Curtis, Sgt Vlad Cizauskis, Sgt Terry Clarke
Front Row: L-R Sgt George Seears, Capt Ken Jorgenson, Lt Dick Jeffkins, Sgt Wolf Iwanowitsch. – 1971-72
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  1. A couple of names for these photographs:

    Top photo in RH column: Back row, third from left – LT Tom Hall (dec.)

    Second photo in LH column: Fourth from left – LT Tom Hall (dec.); sixth from left – CAPT George Dale

  2. I Was stationed at IGam Bks at the MCS for all of 1971. Just tried to find the few photographs I took at the time but unfortunately they have not stood the test of time…a bit like all of us I suspect.
    Please keep me in the loop

    • TC,
      Ian Curtis here. Long time no see. Lovely to hear your name again as I have been thinking of NG lately. Are you still in Adelaide? Is Wolf still there?

      • Hi Ian from Adelaide
        Great to hear you are still around, maybe a little older but nevertheless…around!
        Send me your email address and we can communicate a little easier…even a phone number!!

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