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Names of members will be listed in order of year, then Barracks and finally surname

Educational Corps

Name Year Barracks State of
Sgt. John Teggelove 1966-67 Goldie River Vic Goldie River Camp relocated to new facilities towards latter half of 1967.
Trekked Kokoda July 2007
Sgt. Rick Larsen 1966-67 Moem Barracks WA Moem and Vanimo 1966-67. Lived on the beach!
Returned, married, to PNG in Madang and Lae in 1970-71
as Regional Psychologist, Public Service Board.
First Clinical Guidance Officer with Education Dept in
Port Moresby in 1972.
Privileged to travel most of the country and assist
with localisation of Education Dept.
Returned to WA first as an educational psychologist
and later Principal.
Still a consultant in Principal selection processes.
Sgt. Peter Suna 1966-67 Moem Barracks NSW Father served in TPNG with 9th Division
Recruit Training at Singleton & Corps Training (Armoured) at Puckapunyal
In first Chalkie Group to TPNG and 7 went to 2 PIR
Patrols to Green River, Pagei Valley & Telefomin with A Coy
Vanimo posting was 6 months in those early days
Sgt. Neil Gibson 1966-67 Murray Barracks NSW
Sgt. Bruce Harris 1966-67 Murray Barracks Vic
Sgt. Graham Lindsay 1966-67 Murray Barracks NSW
Sgt. Peter Wedgwood 1966-67 Murray Barracks QLD
WO2 Dan Winkel 1966-69 Murray Barracks QLD National Serviceman Jan-Apr 1958
Regular Army 1961-73
Life Member of RSL
Sgt. Alan Day 1966-67 Taurama Barracks NSW On arriving at Taurama Barracks I had to share a tent with Denis O’Rourke
for several months. We are still close friends despite this.
Sgt. Denis O’Rourke 1966-67 Taurama Barracks NSW Only secondary teacher among the first 6 Chalkies at Taurama in mid 1966.
Joined Dan Winkel’s trips to Popondetta, Trobriand Islands and Goroka.
Sgt. Russell Jenkin 1967-68 Moem Barracks VIC After basic training at Puckapunyal,
I was posted to RAEME at Broadmeadows and St Kilda Barracks.
I now recognise the huge impact for good in my (private and professional)
life arising from the brilliant experiences (some quite challenging) and the
significant responsibilities given to us in our early 20s.
Sgt. Kevin Smith 1967-68 Moem Barracks QLD A great adventure and experience!
Sgt. John Todd 1967-68 Moem Barracks QLD After Service, I finished my studies at James Cook Uni.
Sgt. Frank Cordingley 1967-68 Murray Barracks QLD Webmaster (now retired Chief Scientist – Qld Health)
Sent to PNG after only 16 weeks
(after Recruit training and 6 weeks of Medical Corps training)
20 months all told in PNG as RAAEC Instructor
Sgt. Peter Darmody 1967-68 Murray Barracks
Igam Barracks
Sgt. Grahame Hurrell 1967-68 Murray Barracks NSW
Sgt. Bruce Nulty 1967-68 Murray Barracks
Igam Barracks
SA I taught in Adelaide for 2 years then 7 years in Darwin
and 21 years in Alice Springs.
Sgt. Graham Carnes
1967-68 Taurama (1967)
Igam (1968)
QLD In April 1968, I was the first Education Sergeant to go to Lae.
I served in B Coy then transferred to the Officer Cadet School
just after its relocation to Lae.
I wrote the Rugby Union news from Lae for the Post-Courier.
Sgt. Terry Edwinsmith 1967-68 Taurama Barracks QLD My articles appear on this site
In 1967 Chalkies at 1PIR wore the red Infantry lanyard
Sgt. Norm Hunter 1967-68 Taurama Barracks QLD Represented the National PNG Rugby Union
and 1PIR teams in 1968
Sgt. Philip Parker 1967-68 Taurama Barracks Vic The time spent in TPNG was an amazing experience…
What a way to spend 2 years of National Service!!
Have many very fond memories.
Sgt. Bill Bailey 1968-69 Goldie River Vic Returned to Victorian Education Dept.
Studied at Australian National University
Worked for the ACT Schools Authority in various roles
Finished career in sports administration
Retired in Queensland
Sgt. John Jones 1968-69 Igam Barracks Vic
Sgt Gregory Murphy 1968-69 Igam Barracks Vic After graduating from Melbourne University,spent a year teaching at Rutherglen High School.
From Puckapunyal, I was selected to go to PNG as a member of the Education Corp.
I taught English to the PNG Officer Cadets,
one of whom later became the Brigadier in charge of the Bouganville crisis.
Sgt. Wayne Bensley 1968-69 Moem Barracks NSW
Sgt. Roger Grigg 1968-69 Moem Barracks Vic
Sgt. Graeme Murphy 1968-69 Moem Barracks NSW I have returned a number of times to Wewak and visited the barracks,
as well as travelling up the Sepik by canoe and taking a school group
to assist Maprik High School.
I have very happy memories of my time in PNG with our group of Chalkies,
heading off on our motor bikes into the jungle.
I have lived at Terrigal on the Central Coast of NSW since returning
Sgt. Ross Beer 1968-69 Murray Barracks QLD
Sgt. John Rae 1968-69 Murray Barracks NSW
Lt. John Retallick 1968-69 Murray Barracks NSW OTU, Scheyville -1966 (RAInf)
After 1 year, transferred to Education
2 years in PNG, various posting in Australia as captain
Resigned in 1976 for academic career
Sgt. Jim Wells 1968-69 Murray Barracks
Igam Barracks
Sgt. Ross Bailey 1968-69 Taurama Barracks Vic Just completed 50 years of service in Primary Education in Victoria.
Currently on Long Service Leave until April 2017 before retiring.
Sgt. Ray Nichol 1969-70 Goldie River Vic Honours degree in anthropology,
then PhD on PNG socialisation and education.
Published a book ‘Growing Up Indigenous’, Sense Publishers, 2011.
Has some chapters on traditional and contemporary PNG education.
Sgt. Alex Thomson 1969-70 Goldie River NSW
Sgt. Geoff Peters 1969-70 Igam Barracks Vic Living on Sunshine Coast (Qld)
Passed away 26th July 2013
Sgt. Andrew Remenyi 1969-70 Igam Barracks Vic Became an Educational Psychologist in the Education Department for 6 years.
Studied at London University 1975-76 with a
British Imperial Fellowship Trust Scholarship.
Academic for 20 years at Lincoln Institute of Health Sciences
then at the Faculty of Health Sciences, La Trobe University as a Senior Lecturer
and Chairman of the Postgraduate Diploma of Rehabilitation Studies.
Adjunct Professor at Deakin University and is an Independent Medical Examiner
(Psychology) for both the TAC and WorkSafe.
Last 15 years in private practice as a Clinical and Organisational Psychologist.
Sgt. Rob Duff 1969-70 Moem Barracks NSW Recruit and Infantry training – 3TB Singleton
Posted Vic Barracks Sydney and Russell Building Canberra
before 2PIR Moem
Sgt. Phil Imison (dec’d) 1969-70 Moem Barracks NSW Passed away 17th Oct 2011 aged 65
Requested he be added to this list by his wife
Sgt. Greg Ivey 1969-70 Moem Barracks
Murray Barracks
QLD Marches at the Brisbane ANZAC Day Parade
Member of PIB NGIB HQ PIR Assn
Sgt. Boyd Robertson 1969-70 Moem Barracks Vic Volunteer Computer Instructor at Bendigo RSL Men In Sheds Program
Sgt. Kym Rothe 1969-70 Moem Barracks SA Lived privately in Wewak at my sister’s home for several months.
Returned to PNG to teach for 6 years, 1972-78.
Enjoyed 4 years on Bougainville and 2 years at Lae.
Sgt. Garry Screen 1969-70 Moem Barracks NSW
Sgt. Greg Smith 1969-70 Moem Barracks Vic Agricultural Instructor (Didiman) at Moem Barracks in 1969/70.
Walked Kokoda Track in 2007 with my 2 sons
and revisited Moem Barracks and Wewak.
Now retired Agricultural Scientist living at Rutherglen, NE Victoria
Sgt. Michael (Mick) Lee 1969-70 Murray Barracks QLD 1971-75 High School Teacher near Rabaul
then Lecturer at Administration College at Waigani.
(Students included future Police Commissioner
and first Minister for Agriculture.)
1976-84 TAFE Teacher (organisational development) in Adelaide.
1984-present: Began a yoga-based mind-therapy business in
Western Massachusetts.
Remarried and now semi-retired, spending summers in Maine with family.
Sgt. Steve Beveridge 1969-70 Taurama Barracks NSW
Sgt. Ford 1969-70 Taurama Barracks WA Returned to the W.A. Education Dept until 1974
Then I operated my own Real Estate Agency until retirement in 2011.
Sgt. Ian Ogston 1970-71 Goldie River QLD Author – ‘Armi Wantoks’ and ‘Chalkies’
Member of PIB/NGIB/HQ/PIR Association
Member of Chalkies Contact Group
Sgt. Terry Clarke 1970-71 Igam Barracks NSW
Sgt. Wolfgang
1970-71 Igam Barracks SA Taught Mathematics & Navigation at Lae
Post-discharge joined Army Reserve as 2 LT in RAAEC at
Hampstead Barracks, Adelaide
Revisited Southern Highlands briefly in 2003
Sgt. Rod Cassidy 1970-71 Moem Barracks
Vanimo (3 mths)
Sgt. John Humphrey 1970-71 Moem Barracks Vic
Sgt. Ron Inglis 1970-71 Moem Barracks
Igam Barracks
NSW One of the few chalkies to go straight from university into the army.
Returned to Australia and began teaching career at Fort Street High School.
With wife spent a year backpacking overland from Bali to London and driving
a kombi around Europe.
Then spent three years teaching at a mission secondary school in Zambia.
Retired at the end of 2013 after 30 years as head of Social Sciences at
Regents Park Christian School.
Currently secretary of the Auburn sub-Branch RSL.
Have published a guidebook on Australia’s First World War ‘sacred places’
along the Western Front.
Sgt. Robert Scott 1970-71 Moem Barracks NSW
Sgt. Ian Taylor 1970-71 Moem Barracks
Vanimo(3 mths)
Vic I have enjoyed the reminiscing and have since made some direct contact
with people I have not been in touch with in 40 years
Sgt. Graham Edgerton 1970-71 Murray Barracks NSW
Sgt. John Dark 1970-71 Murray Barracks QLD
Sgt. Brian Haines 1970-71 Murray Barracks WA Secondary teacher and Deputy Principal: 1972 – 1974
Education & Sociology lecturer, WA College of Adv Edn/Edith Cowan University – 1975 – 1991
Completed MSc (Organisation & Management), Oxford University 1980-81
Education Policy consultant 1991 – 94
Founder & Director of Dow Digital web development company 1994 – 99
Information & IT Management consultant 1999 – 2009.
Business Manager, Pawsey Supercomputing Centre, Perth, 2009 – 2014.
Retired June 2014: Swimming, Tai Chi, carpentry
Sgt. Gerald Keegan 1970-71 Murray Barracks WA Career in school administration, WA Education Department.
Retired in 2011 as Principal of Kalgoorlie School of Air.
Sgt. Ray Bassett 1970-71 Taurama Barracks VIC
Sgt. Kev Horton 1970-71 Taurama Barracks QLD My article appears on this website
My wife’s article appears on this website
Sgt. Graham Leader 1970-71 Taurama Barracks WA
Sgt. John Moore 1970-71 Taurama Barracks WA
Sgt. Peter Porteous 1970-71 Taurama Barracks NSW
Sgt. Greg Buffier 1971-72 Goldie River NSW
Sgt. Glenn Hall 1971-72 Goldie River Vic
Sgt. Greg Powell 1971-72 Goldie River NSW Married with 4 sons
Author of 11 books on Bushrangers and Bushwalking
Retired Teacher, now Casual work
Sgt. Andrew Dalziel 1971-72 Igam Barracks VIC My article appears on this site
Sgt. Peter Kilian 1971-72 Igam Barracks VIC 1971: Recruit training – Puckapunyal
Infantry Training – Singleton
Canberra – Directorate of Army Education
1971-1972: Military Cadet School – Igam Barracks
Sgt. Ian Minns 1971-72 Igam Barracks VIC 1971: Recruit training – Puckapunyal
Infantry Training – Singleton
PNG Military Cadet School (MCS) – Lae – 30 Jun 71 – 30 Jun 72
Lae Area HQ – 1 Jul 72 to 6 Dec 72
Coached Igam Barracks Aust Rules team in 1972
Sgt. Graham Thomson 1971-72 Igam Barracks SA Opportunity to experience a fascinating country
that wouldn’t have presented itself otherwise
Sgt. John Fragomeni 1971-72 Moem Barracks
Goldie River
Sgt. Bob Strachan 1971-73 Moem Barracks
Goldie River
Murray Barracks
Taurama Barracks
NSW Sept 1971 Igam Bks & Lae Institute of Technology (TESOL)
Oct 71 – May 72 Goldie River
June 72 – Feb 73 Murray Bks
Mar 73 – Jan 74 Taurama Bks (including secondment to 2PIR Moem Bks, Wewak)
2 yrs Nasho + 1 yr extension under the Nat Service Act”
Rather unique that I ‘worked’ at all TPNG Army Barracks.
Sgt. Alex Artomonow 1971-72 Murray Barracks
Moem Barracks
Sgt. Richard Boddington 1971-72 Murray Barracks VIC Migat gutpela tingting long PNG
Sgt. Richard Morgan 1971-72 Murray Barracks NSW Also had a year at Education Unit in SVN (1 ALSG) with fellow
education Sgt, Ken Rowe in 1970. I was able to extend National
Service to the maximum allowable (4 years),while still remaining
classified as a national serviceman. Our first child (Andrew)
was born in TPNG during our two years there in 1971 / 1972.
Sgt. John Hain 1971-72 Taurama Barracks NSW
Sgt. Jim Connolly
1972-74 Goldie River QLD First intake of the “18 month” Nashos (Did not do Inf Corps Trg).
Stayed on in 1973 after Labor Election Victory in 72.
Stayed on in 1974 as an RAAEC LT.
Daughter born at POM Hospital, Taurama Jan 74.
Posted to JSC, Igam Bks 1977-78 as RAAEC CAPT (Did the Mt Wilhelm climb).
Served in RAAEC (ARA) left as LTCOL in Feb 1997.
(Was Hon COL COMDT RAAEC 1999-2003).
Footnote: Daughter seconded to POM from Dept Finance as a senior advisor
to PNG Treasury 2009-2010
Sgt. Ron Lynch 1972-73 Goldie River NSW 1967: Completed the HSC at PBHS
1970: Complete B.A. Degree at the University of Sydney,
majoring in Pure Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics.
1971: Did the Diploma of Education.
1972: Conscripted in the Army, did recruit training at Singleton,
then spent the rest of his time as a sergeant in the Goldie River Barracks, Papua New Guinea.
1973: Mathematical teacher at North Sydney Boys’ High.
1986: Head Teacher of Mathematics at Canterbury Boys’ High.
Remained in this position until retirement by personal choice preferring to perform
face-to-face teaching rather than seek higher administration positions.
Ron passed away 4th February 2017
Sgt. Ian Colwell 1972-73 Murray and Igam
with temporary
detachments to
Moem and Taurama
QLD Queensland University Regiment prior to call-up.
I recall issues of anti-Army prejudice in society,
however I was impressed by many of the people in the three services
who I worked with and recall some excellent leaders.
Sgt. Edward Mangano 1972-73 Murray Barracks WA Deceased
Sgt. Peter Shackleford 1972-73 Murray Barracks SA
Sgt. Philip Doecke 1972-73 Taurama Barracks
Goldie River
Vic 1971 Primary Teacher Hermannsburg, NT
1974 – 1976 Primary Teacher Tanunda Lutheran School, SA
1977 – 1984 Primary Teacher, Immanuel College, Novar Garden, SA
1985 – 1993 Middle School Teacher, Sports Coordinator, Marrara Christian College, NT
1994 – 1997 Head of PE National Sports Institute of PNG, Goroka PNG
1997 Doctoral studies, Human Movement Studies, QUT, QLD
1998 – 1999 PE/Sports Coordinator, Peace Lutheran College, Cairns, QLD
2000 – 2002 PE/Athletics Director, Morrison Academy, Taipei, Taiwan
2002 – 2005 Chair, Dept of Kinesiology, Health & PE, Biola University, La Mirada, California
2006 – present Program Director, B Education / B Applied Science (Disability),
lecturer in PE, RMIT University.
Sgt. Warren Ison 1972-73 Taurama Barracks
Goldie River

Infantry Corps

Name Year Barracks State of
2Lt. John Stringfellow 1966-67 Taurama WA Commander 11 Platoon, D Coy.
The first Scheyville OTU graduate to be posted to the PIR.
I arrived in TPNG the same day as class mates Pat Savage MC and Alec Ball
who drew the smaller straws and were posted to Goldie River.
2Lt. Ian Freeman 1968-70 Goldie River
Murray Barracks
NSW Instructed in weaponry and navigation.
Patrolled numerous areas shown as “Not yet Known”.
Conducted exercises along the Kokoda Trail.
Most instruction was in Tok Pisin.

Medical Corps

Name Year Barracks State of
Sgt. Graham Wheeler 1966-67 Goldie River QLD Barracks Hygiene Sgt from 1 Field Hygiene Company, Ingleburn.
Served at Goldie in the old camp.
Sgt. Graeme Johnson 1969-70 Moem Barracks WA 15th Intake – 1/69 :- Recruit training – 2RTB Puckapunyal Victoria
Corps training – Army School of Health Healesville Victoria
Civy qualifications ( EHO ) led to posting as Hygiene Sgt. @ 2PIR
Duties include all Public Health matters inc. the fogging program.
Served 17 months @ Moem with periodic work assignments to Vanimo,
Company exercise in Maprik area & secondment to visiting Field Hygiene
Posting length led to contact with two groups of Chalkies.
Much “swanning around ” via ” RAAF Air ” Caribou & Hercules .
Cpl. Greg Leahy 1969-70 Murray Barracks WA Our role was providing medical equipment
and medical supplies to PNG Command.
Member of “Nashos WA”
March on ANZAC Day with other Nashos at Bunbury.

Psychology Corps

Name Year Barracks State of
Sgt. David Sandoe 1965-66 Murray Barracks NSW David flew all over PNG
– to large towns and small villages to assist in testing
recruits for the Pacific Island Regiment (PIR)
He has returned to PNG since Independence on business


Name Year Barracks State of
Cpl. Keith Oxenbould 1967-69 Taurama (10/67-1/68)
Moem (1/68-5/69)
Vic At Wewak there were only about 6 OR’s
(both Regulars and Nashos) in RAEME and Supply.
We lived initially in an old house near the beach
and we had to drive to the Sgts Mess to pick up our
meals and eat them in a shed next to the house.
A building was refurbished for the OR’s barracks
and attached Mess with our own “cook”

Signal Corps

Name Year Barracks State of
Sig. Trevor Webb 1969-70 Goroka and Bulolo NSW Five months in 1970 attached to Survey Corps
and camped at Goroka and Bulolo airstrips.
Worked with Australian and British surveyors
to calculate heights of mountains.
Cpl. Ted Middleton 1969-70 Murray WA Primary role was in radio workshop at Murray Barracks.
In 800 Sigs Squadron, gave instruction to trainee technicians,
civic action patrols to Lake Kopiago and Mt Hagen,
communications centre at Rabaul during civil unrest,
communications between TPNG and Australia, and maintenance.


  1. Hi. I am wanting good clear colour images of the three recruit training signs.

    Also looking for NS who served less than 181 days in SVN to register their details.

    I was called up October 1967 and went to SVN with 6RAR in 1969.

  2. Started my military experience as a Lieutenant in the Education Corps whilst teaching at Kwikila High School a couple of hours out from Port Moresby.It was an interesting and enjoyable experience, participating in field trips and camps in both Papua and New Guinea..trips to Goroka and Mt Hagen with the cadets. As a national serviceman later I resigned my commission because I felt I needed to go through basic training (Puckapunyal) before going back to Lae as a Sgt in the Education Corps. It was the best job I have ever had…teaching the future leaders of the Papua New Guinea military.I am still in touch with the daughter of a former student at Kwikila .

  3. Maurice,
    I have now returned home after a week on the Gold Coast.
    Hopefully my mail has reached you. This account is only used infrequently, mostly for Chalkie work coming in from the website.
    Was it Robert (Bob) Foster? I have not been able to track him down at all. All others before us (including Knobby) are accounted for.
    Your slides, stories and memorabillia are most welcome. The website needs more material as the PNG Nationals are frequent viewers of our material.
    Hope that this finds you well,

  4. Delighted to receive a letter from Terry Edwinsmith recently with details of the PNG Chalkies activities and publications.
    I was stationed at Taurama Barracks during 1967-68 with Terry, Phil Parker, Bruce Boxall and Ian Rodder that I can recall. Four of us jointly owned a beaten up holden that had been purchased from the chalkies we were replacing.
    I remember when I first arrived some of us lived in tents at the back of the old sargents mess, but later shifted into a new building.
    I taught science and followed in the footsteps of Bob Foster who had arrived a year earlier and who had been a classmate from Armidale Teachers College 1964-65.
    Life in PNG was most enjoyable during that period. On campus I played squash and was involved in the hockey competition in Port Moresby.
    I have very much enjoyed reading through some of the material available on the internet related to the chalkies and look forward to purchasing Dymocks book.
    After PNG I undertook university studies and spent most of my working life in academia (accounting/finance) spending various periods of time in Armidale, Lismore, Solomon Islands, Toowoomba and the last 11 years prior to retirment (2014) in China.

    Best wishes to all other chalkies

  5. I was an Education Corps Sergeant at Taurama Barracks during 1968-69. After returning to Australia I resumed teaching with the Victorian Education Department and have just completed 50 years of service in Primary Education. Currently on Long Service Leave until April 2017 before retiring.

    • Ross, thanks for your Service information and your long career in Primary Education. We look forward to catching up with you at a Reunion in the years ahead.

  6. This is a great website, and thanks to all contributors.. Please add me to the list. I extended my national sevice to the maximum allowable (i.e. 4 years) while still retaining national serviceman status. I was in Vietnam in 1970 with Sgt Ken Rowe. Ken was an education Sgt at 1PIR, Taurama in 1969. He was an extraordinarily talented man on several fronts, Ken later went on to have a distinguished career at ACER. Sadly, he lost his life in the Victorian fires a few years back.
    Subsequent to Vietnam, I was at ADAE (Assistant Directorate of Army Education) in Murray Barracks. Lt Col P W Maunsell was leader, but the man I remember most was Capt Tich Freeman. Tich died in the early 70s in Brisbane. I had some contact with him when he was in hospital. An old school professional soldier and an amazing man. Sgt David Hornby (Hornsby ?) was a talented administrator with unfailing good humour. At that time, I also remember: the consumate professional, Ed Diary who subsequently taught in Qld, Gerry/Carol Keegan, Bob/Chris Daniels, Rob/Kay Phillips, John Smithard (who also worked at a local school/TAFE . John also drove a Landrover still in it’s army paint!) , and George Sears. Excellent memories.

    • Hello Dick. Apology to you, and others below, for my slow response to your message. (I have been organising a PIR Reunion in August and planning a Nashos Reunion in Brisbane for October.)
      I am interested in your TPNG and Vietnam service as a Nasho so I will Email you soon.
      We have Email addresses for only some of those you mention but we can help you to reach those men.

  7. Education Sgt at Murray Barracks 1970-71: Memories of watching ‘MASH’ in Sgt’s Mess along with ‘real’ soldiers!
    Went on to academic career, then a management consultant for some years, now Business Manager at the WA Supercomputing Centre (iVEC) in Perth.

    • Hi Brian and apology for slow reply. I also spent time at Murray but don’t recall the movies. Great to have you in the Chalkies Network and you will be welcome at our next Nashos Dinner in Perth. I will email you when I get past the PIR reunion.

  8. 1971-1972 Igam Barracks. I worked at the Military Cadet School with Sgts Andrew Dalziel, Ian Minns and Graham Thomson. In spite of my role as a chalkie in PNG I now think I received an education of my own in that remarkable country.

    • G’day Peter. Keep an eye out for the next Armi Wantoks Journal which focuses on Igam Barracks. Ian Minns has been “googling” and put us in touch with George Sears and Peter Manchester.
      I agree that we learnt more than we taught in PNG.

  9. I’d appreciate it if you can forward this message to Jim Connolly:

    Hi, Jim,
    Stumbled on this site while reliving PNG memories. I was recruited as a civilian instructor for the Academic Wing at the JSC 1976 thru 1977. Major Hall was the OIC till his health problems got the better of him, alas. I taught with Webke, Bruce ?, Don Forbes (navy) and his successor Bernie ?, Hazell, Bezant, Keene as well as yourself. I remember Dauncy, Possi Gulu(Corrections) and John ?. I remember the Mt Wilhelm climb and the Kokoda Trail hike. I remember Col O’Neil of the RAEC from Port Moresby, as well as Tony Huai and Ted Diro.
    I’ve been living in New York since 1979 -an accidental immigrant, and retired last year. Hence the time to troll different websites. If you get this email and have the time and inclination, I’d like to know what became of my JSC colleagues.

    All the Best,
    George (Grimley)

    • Hello George. Life has been busy so I’ve just read your Email. I saw Ted Diro at a distance only last January in Mosbi. Please advise if you have had a reply from Jim Connolly or not.

  10. Very interested in this website. I was a teacher with NSW DofE, graduated OTU from first intake 1968 and was posted to 2PIR Wewak in August 68 as Platoon commander 12 Pl, D Coy. Moem Barracks was all very new buildings. Spent 3 months at Vanimo and did various patrols in the East and West Sepik Regions. Unfortunately was not into photography so have no photos to remind me of those days. Went back to teaching in NSW, now retired. Visited PNG again in 1978 with my family.

    • Mick, good to see your notice and learn about your experience. As a former Nasho in TPNG, you are welcome to be listed on this Members Page.
      Also, you are welcome to contribute a short Article about your Army experience, particularly at 2 PIR.
      I will send you an Email soon to confirm this.

  11. First one of 7 to moem Aug 1966.15 months mainly attached to A Coy.Moem,Vanimo,GreenRiver,Telefomin,Pagei Valley.

    • Peter Suna, Max Qanchi et al were our predecessors at Moem Barracks in 1966/1967 and were real trail-blazers. They lived rough in the thatched-hut Sergeants’ Quarters on the beach and had accepted part-time posts at out-stations such as Vanimo. They had the typically wicked Aussie sense of humour and delighted in making irreverent comments about/to each other. Despite that, I remember being impressed with their bond of friendship, even though we only shared their company for the 3-week change-over period.

      • Russell, thanks for the inside story on the those pioneers at Moem. Life must have been “tough” at the Vanimo outstation in 1966-67.
        I’d welcome their stories and photos from “taim bipor”.

  12. Jim,
    On the ‘Goldie photos’ section these words appear on a group photo,
    —1970 RAAEC Goldie staff
    Back from left: L/Cpl Michael Irima (Library Assistant, Regular PIR), Sgt Paul Taylor, Sgt Bernard Neeson, Sgt Wayne Dark, Mr George Tolat (Cleaner) etc.
    I hope that this is of assistance.

  13. Can you tell us when and where SGT Bernard (Doc) Neeson served in TPNG?

    And (sung)…..”are we ever gonna see his face again?” Say 6 Oct, maybe?

    SGT Jim Connolly, Goldie River, 1972-74

    • Jim, I have tried to find “Doc” by sending a letter (twice) to Willoughby but no response.
      “Doc” probably does not know about the Reunion on 6 October.
      I welcome any leads on him.

  14. I served as a sergeant at Taurama Barracks from 1968-69. I was the Treasurer of the Sergeant’s Mess for the duration. This position always fell to a “chalkie” My wife & I returned to PNG in late 1970 & we left in Jan 1977 to live in Bathurst, NSW where we still live. I have a number of photos from those days at Taurama as I used to develop my own photos.

    • Peter, good to hear from you. Your photos would be interesting and your time at Taurama plus during/after Independence. Please Email me (see Contacts page) when ready.

  15. I was in the 1972 intake of seven Nasho T/SGTs to arrive in Goldie River in May 72. The group included Bruce Hartshorn, Guy Bodiski, Frank Nolan, Gunter Scmidt, Ron Lynch and Phil O’Shea. We served with RAAEC ARA Officers CAPT Ian Harvey and LT Ian Fegent (later MAJ Murray Sinclair and CAPT John Easton and LT Tom Derham (OTU Grad)). All (or most?) left to return to civy teaching when Labor came to power. I took a commission and did another year as a LT at Goldie River.

    Jim Connolly

    • Good to see your comment, Jim. Happy for you to Email me (see Email address on “Contacts” page) and tell me more. Phil O’Shea has posted a message on the Contacts page looking for Frank Nolan.

  16. Served at Murray Barracks as a Chalkie for 14 months from late 1969. After discharge returned to Port Moresby to complete a Diploma of Education in Developing Countries at UPNG. In 1972 joined PNG Education Department & taught at Malabunga High School, Rabaul, for 2 years. Returned to the Gold Coast in 1974 to teach at Aquinas College before moving back to Melbourne in 1977.

    • John, long time no see! Great to see your message. Much has changed since that Barbie at Annerley with Phil in mid 1970s. Please Email me (see Contacts page) when you are ready. Maybe think about our Chalkies Reunion on October 6.

    • I served as a clerk in the Medical Corps at Murray Barracks in 1970-71.
      I studied and completed the General Certificate of Education (year 11)while there and Sergeant John Meyer was an excellent teacher and mentor.
      I now live in country Victoria and still work as a family counsellor and mediator.

      • Tony, we appreciate your positive feedback about John. I was also at Murray Barracks for a while and got to know John, mainly over social drinks.
        We are interested to see your academic progression and your valuable work in family counselling.

  17. I was at A Company 1PIR from the middle of 1966 until November ’67. We were the first National Servicemen to teach at Taurama Barracks. There were 6 of us. 5 primary trained and myself (secondary maths/science). Some of the stories I have read on the website have brought back memories of our time there. I remember Dan and his trips. We went to Popondetta, the Trobriand Islands and Goroka with him. I missed the Hagan trip because I was on duty. I also remember riding his little motor bike into Port Moresby to go to Mass one Sunday.
    I have a photo of Norm Hunter and Bob “Carmen” Foster on the back of the “fishing trip” boat that Dan had organised. I have a lot more stories but that’s for another time.

    • Thank Denis for an interesting message. I’ll email you shortly about your stories and your photos which will be of interest to others in our network.

    • Denis,
      Would you consider placing your name onto the roll above? As you were with the initial group in 1966, your name will take precedence over others who have come later. This will help others from your time at Taurama Bks to remember the ‘good old times’ and it may prompt others to record their wonderful adventures. Photos are welcome also! Keep in touch please!
      (The pay office!)

  18. Hullo I was in PNG in September 1972 went to Port Morsby, Lae, Finchhaven and Mt Hagen with 1 RAR I was a regimental signaller from 2 RAR could anyone please tell me what we where doing over there I know we did a lot of walking over mountains and went through a lot of villages. Thanks Greg Hartman

    • Greg, many small, military exercises were held for Aussie soldiers in TPNG during the Vietnam War era. They were probably aimed to test equipment and refine soldiers’ skills in a jungle environment before posting overseas. Can anyone else provide an explanation?

  19. Medical Corps – Hygiene Officer, Murray Barracks – July 1969 to Dec 1970. Visits to Goldie River and patrols with Hygiene Section based at Goldie River – Medical Corps Sgt Peter Milne and Sgt Rose . Pictures on the website bring back fond memories.

  20. Re my entry on the Members page – I have always lived in Vic(not NSW) and was never at Igam (Lae), but did spend my first three weeks in PNG at Murray or Taurama Barracks in Port Moresby, before going to Moem in November, 1970

  21. I started Recruit Training at Puckapunyal in January, 1970, then Infantry training at Singleton.I was posted to Bandiana, then left for PNG in October 1970. Had 3 weeks at Taurama before moving on to Moem in November 1970. Left there in November 1971 for Melbourne, by ship via Rabaul, Brisbane and Sydney.

    I give permission for any of my details to be posted on the new website.

  22. With a B Agr Sci, I had the unusual role of teaching tropical agriculture to PNG soldiers at Moem Barracks, Wewak (2 PIR) during 1969/70. I was only the second one in that role.
    In Sep 2007, I walked the Kokoda Track with my 2 sons and was then able to make an overnight trip to Wewak. I was driven around Wewak and Moem Barracks, including the Sergeant’s Mess and the remains of the Education Centre (destroyed by rioting soldiers sometime). I think Boyd Robertson may have already sent some photos of mine from the 2007 visit.
    I currently live at Rutherglen in NE Victoria.

  23. 1969 – 1971
    Recruit Training – 1RTB Kapooka
    Inf. Corps Training – 3TB Singleton
    RAAEC – 3TB
    – 2PIR Moem

  24. I was a medical corp (RAAMC) corporal attached to a Depot of 1 Base Med and Dent, (1 Base Med and Dent was based in Brisbane) in the Ordinance compound at Murray Barracks. Our role was as the name suggests, supplying Medical Equipment and Supples to PNG Command.

    I served there between August 1969 and June 1970

    My home state was (and is) WA.

    I commenced Recruit Training at Puckapunyal with other members of my intake (13th). Unfortunately I contracted Meningococcal Meningitis during week 3 and after a period of hospitalisation and covalescent leave, I completed my basic training at Kapooka where I marched out in January 1968. My Corp Training was at Healesville and the Ordinance School at Bonegilla.

    I am a member of “Nashos WA” and march on Anzac Day at Bunbury with a few other 13th Intake members.

    • Greg,
      Welcome to our new website! As you can see, the site is still under construction.
      Our immediate aim is to contact as many service personnel as possible who served in PNG especially 1966-1975.
      Secondly, it is hoped to gather a library of stories and personal recounts of events that happened during your tour of duty in PNG.
      Thirdly, it is hoped that photos from this period concerning your work environment be collected, digitised then displayed on our ‘photos’ section. (If sufficient interest is shown and material becomes readily available, this site might host a “Historic Photos “Section depicting TPNG, 40 or more years ago.)
      In the meantime, welcome! Happy writing and digging out old photos and memorabilia for others to share.

      • Thanks Terry.

        Just small correction to my earlier email. I marched out of Kapooka in January 1969.

    • Hello Greg, I am Tony Marshall and I took over from you at the small med Corp depot at Murray Barracks, you were good enough to leave me your room which I can assure you was greatly appreciated, did not expect to have a room to myself when I left Brisbane for PNG. I think our boss was Lt Grant. and there was also Serg. Lucas. Wow memories.

  25. I did Recruit Training and Infantry Corps Training at 3TB Singleton at the beginning of 1969. My PNG posting was to Goldie River Training Barracks from September 1969 until September the following year.

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