PNG Re-visited Photo Gallery

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PNG Re-visited Photo Gallery -
Meeting at 1RPIR Taurama Bks, Kini Rava, Norm Hunter, Kev Horton and Corporal Paul from the barracks

PNG Re-visited Photo Gallery -
Kev Horton, Kini Rava, Terry Edwinsmith, Norm Hunter, all former Taurama Bks sergeants -taken at Port Moresbys Holiday Inn

PNG Re-visited Photo Gallery -
Group photo at 1RPIR Taurama Bks, August 2011 (At the Admin.Building)

PNG Re-visited Photo Gallery -
Terry Edwinsmith, Norm Hunter, Kini Rava, Kev Horton standing outside the Sergeants Mess living quarters – 2011
Photos taken by Greg Smith during a visit to PNG in 2007

PNG Re-visited Photo Gallery -
Kokoda Trek group – Nigel (son), Greg Smith, Jeremy (son), Edmo (porter), Basil (guide) – 2007

PNG Re-visited Photo Gallery -
Greg Smith, with Moya Smith and Stan Bisset – 2008

PNG Re-visited Photo Gallery -
RPIR Sergeant and almost unused Sergeant’s mess accommodation – 2007

PNG Re-visited Photo Gallery -
Moem Sergeant’s Mess – 2007

PNG Re-visited Photo Gallery -
Moem Barracks, Wewak – 2007

PNG Re-visited Photo Gallery -
Entrance, 2RPIR, Moem Barracks, Wewak – 2007

PNG Re-visited Photo Gallery -
Inside Sergeant’s Mess, Moem Barracks – 2007

PNG Re-visited Photo Gallery -
Moem Barracks list of RSMs – 2007

PNG Re-visited Photo Gallery -
Moem Barracks Accommodation -2007

PNG Re-visited Photo Gallery -
Wom Point, Wewak – 2007

PNG Re-visited Photo Gallery -
Wom Point Memorial, Wewak – 2007

PNG Re-visited Photo Gallery -
Memorial plaque at Wom Point, Wewak – 2007
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  1. Hi, Grahame your dad’s name was miss-spelt as Withe and yes I also remember Cruickshank. Sorry about that, maybe this group can update or correct our present soldiers at Moem Bks??

    • Hello Daisy, it was lovely to hear from you, your father is remembered fondly by all my family as were you, Marilyn remembers you and giving you earrings. If you send me your email address I can send you some photos of your dad that I have from those days, I loved our 4 years at Moem, and I’m sure I remember you . Kind regards Grahame
      my email is

  2. Hi Wayne……..our father’s were great mates during our time in Wewak and at Moem Barracks……he was Ron Porto. My dad arrived as a Sgt left a WO2. We were there from 1969 to 1973. I have put a few pics up on the fb site….’I used to live in Papua New Guinea’… maiden name was Bronwen Porto and my older sister was Lynda. Grahame and I have reconnected! Hope we can too! The boys even stayed in contact back in Australia. Our mums were mates too…..your mum was Gwen…..mine Hazel. Keep in touch….B

    • Hi Bronwen
      Yes I remember you & your family very well!! Sorry I haven’t replied sooner ( I haven’t checked the website for some time)
      Drop me a line to my email & we can catch up!

  3. Hi
    I lived at Moem from Jan 1970 to Jan 1972 & went to school there (& Wewak Primary A School)
    My father is Bob Trenear (WO2 at 2PIR) RQMS don’t know if you remember him. Today (10/10/13) is his 80th birthday
    we are sitting here enjoying your pics, they are bringing back many memories.

    Wayne Trenear

    • Wayne,
      It is good that you have made contact! Happy Birthday to Bob also. Obviously the Wewak life has improved your longevity. May you enjoy many more years with your family and friends.
      If you are able to find photos from your time in 2PIR, then we would be pleased to place them on the web. Pictures of the local soldiers would be of great interest to our PNG comrades. A story of your adventures?

  4. That pic of the houses shows our old house the 2nd on on the cornor of the street, first house was the C of E padre’s house while we were there, and the fence is the fence around the school, I pretty sure anyway that is correct.

  5. What a bloody shame the RSM’s honor board was it wrong, that is NO mention of my father he was RSM of 2PIR fron Sept 67 untill 1970 when Manly Rossi became RSM. In fact dad was the last Australian RSM of 2PIR, we left Moem Aug70. I wonder who RSM with list as RSM 69-70 is?

    A number of other 2PIR RSM’s arn’t list either eg Wo1 Cruickshank who was RSM 65-67 dad took over from him.

    • Grahame your father was well known to the Nashos at 2 PIR including the Chalkies in the Sergeants Mess.
      Can you tell me more about WO1 Cruickshank? First name? Where he went after 2 PIR?

      • Greg, my father was Jim Cruickshank the first RSM of 2PIR, 1965-Dec1966. After 2PIR we returned to Brisbane where he was LO for 6RAR (Vietnam) until their return to Australia. He was then RSM 6RAR 2nd tour SVN, then QM 6RAR in Singapore, then Singleton, Canberra, retiring in Brisbane in October 1980. He continued working in the Federal Court until he was 65, then he and mum travelled up until the year he passed away, in September 2008 -just short of turning 80. He had a wonderful happy life, making the most of whatever happened!

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