1. Great to see the photo especially of the lads I served with at Murray in 69/70. It would be nice to have an email addrress so that I might get in touch sometime. I do occasionally visit Melbourne en route to Tassie and it might be possible to catch up if you are interested. I already have Bob Coppa’s email, so that leaves Peter Mason and ‘mouth’.


  2. If you wish your name added, please identify the photo. I have numbered each photo and you can see the number when you place the mouse on the photo.

  3. Thank-you to the photographers other than myself, John Humphrey and Phil Parker. If you wish to have your name included in the individual photos posted above then please let me know and the webmaster can add your name.

  4. What a wonderful group! It was amazing how successful the WoolshedPub luncheon turned out to be. I now hope that you are all motivated to find old photos from PNG, call up old mates, and recall stories from the past. The website is a link to the history, stories and contact with like minded mates from those great days.

    • No idea re the names of those in the group photo Terry, but the reunion was an amazing success in my view. I’ve taken a set of six photos on the day, and when I work out how to send them to you, I’ll do just that. Haven’t yet succeeded in making contact with Bruce Boxall but will persist. Will catch up soon. Cheers!

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