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Former members of the RAAEC who served in TPNG during their National Service 1966-72 have joined with like-minded former soldiers, to record the history of those times, highlighting the events in PNG that occurred in parallel with the Vietnam War. In the process of collecting the history and meeting up with former colleagues both locally and in PNG, a recent photographic collection has been made. This mainly centres on reunions, trips to PNG, ANZAC marches, military lunches and Corps visits connected with the RAAEC and PNG.
The primary purpose of these functions is to record and preserve the history of the 1966-73 eras. A secondary object is to meet up with like-minded people whose lives were changed by the National Service Ballot, which in our case, was probably for the better. A pictorial history on Facebook documents our most recent efforts in this matter.

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Four chalkies meet when honouring NSW teachers who served in Vietnam

Reunions Photo Gallery -
In December 2023, Ron Inglis caught up with three ‘chalkie’ mates, Wayne Bensley, John Hain and Peter Porteous. We were conscripted public school teachers posted as instructors in the then Pacific Islands Regiment in Papua New Guinea. We are at the honour board that lists all the NSW public school teachers that served in Papua New Guinea post Second World War. Most on the board were ‘chalkies’ like us but others were Australian regular army officers, surveyors, engineers, pilots etc. The board, along with numerous others going back to the First World War, is in the Department of Education HQ in Philip Street, Parramatta. (Did you know that over 700 NSW public school teachers enlisted for service in the First World War. My first thought was the massive disruption to the education of children in NSW this would have caused and for what?)

The occasion was the unveiling of an honour board of all NSW public school teachers that had served in the War in Vietnam.

Two Chalkies meet after 50+ years

Reunions Photo Gallery -
Taurama Chalkie Mates 1967-8 Reunited

1/71 Reunion for 2019 in Melbourne

Each 2 years, the Chalkies who were in the 1/71 intake have a reunion. This year it was in Melbourne.

Richard Boddington (Qld)
Andy Dalziel (Vic)
Warren Dunn (NSW)
John Fragomeni (WA)
John Hain (NSW)
Glenn Hall (Vic)
Garry Olson (UK)
Doug Rathbone (Vic)
Graham Thomson (SA)
Jim Semple (NSW)
Bob Strachan (NSW)
Ross Yates (NSW)
Brian Wellman (SA)

Reunions Photo Gallery -

We had a great time visiting: the MCG, the Shrine, National Gallery of Victoria, and the Yarra Valley

Coffs Harbour Reunion of original Taurama Barracks Chalkies in 2018

Reunions Photo Gallery - Reunions Photo Gallery -

Darryl Dymock addresses RAAEC annual conference

The current Head of Corps for RAAEC, Col Fiona Curtis, invited Darryl Dymock to give a talk on the history of the Corps at the RAAEC annual conference at Simpson Barracks in Melbourne on 7 February, 2019. This was a good occasion and apparently the first time the majority of the Corps (about 80-90) have been together for about a decade. He also attended the dining-in night, and has attached a photo of himself with Col Fiona Curtis and Col Katrina Schildberger, who launched The Chalkies book, and is about to retire from the Army into a civilian job.

Reunions Photo Gallery -
Col Katrina Schildberger,Darryl Dymock and Col Fiona Curtis

Reunion of Graham Carnes and Phil Parker after 50 years
Graham (Nobby) Carnes from Townsville and Phil Parker from Melbourne met in Melbourne after 50 years.

Reunions Photo Gallery -
Phil Parker and Nobby Carnes

Tasmanian Reunion Feb 2018

Darryl Dymock met up for lunch in Launceston on Monday 5 February with two Tasmanian ex-Chalkies, Nigel Tanner and Alan Livermore. Yes, despite the rumours, Tasmanian Chalkies do exist.
Nigel was a Nasho 1968-69 and was posted to Murray Barracks in PNG. He was married late in 1968 and he and his wife lived in a flat in Boroko. Nigel did his basic training at Pucka where he was in an all-Tasmanian platoon except for one New South Welshman. He was posted to Anglesey Barracks, Hobart, between infantry training at Singleton and his PNG posting. Nigel is still working in a management consultancy business.

Alan went into Nasho January 1972, and like most of the Nashos left when the opportunity arose on Labour’s election in December 1972. Alan also did his basic training at Pucka but in his case he was the only Tasmanian in his platoon. He was posted straight to Murray Barracks after recruit training and a couple of weeks preparation. He and a mate lived a lot of their time in Moresby in a university leave house at Waigani. Alan was a manual arts teacher, and after Nasho retrained in design and is still working in his own furniture design business.

Reunions Photo Gallery -
Alan Livermore, Nigel Tanner and Darryl Dymock

A few 1/71 Chalkies had a catch-up lunch Sept 2016 at Mt Victoria in the Blue Mountains

20160901 Mt Victoria
Some of the Chalkies who were part of the first intake of 1971, plus some partners, had a catch-up lunch Sept 2016 at Mt Victoria in the Blue Mountains. It was a fine day, and most of us travelled to and from the lunch by train (2 hours from Sydney). This gave us an added opportunity to socialize.

Garry Olson was back visiting in Australia from his home near Manchester, England; Jim Semple travelled in from Orange NSW; Andy Dalziel, from Melbourne, surprised most by his attendance; and Richard Boddington came from Brisbane. Most of us had not seen Garry nor Jim since 1972……44 years.

Chalkies In attendance:

Richard Boddington, Andy Dalziel, Warren Dunn, John Hain, Garry Olson, Jim Semple, Bob Strachan, Ron Wood, Ross Yates


A few 1/71 Chalkies had lunch at the Kirribilli Hotel in Milsons Point in September 2015.

L-R: Lesley and Richard Boddington; John Hain; Katie and Bob Strachan; Ron Wood; Ross and Julie Yates
L-R: Lesley and Richard Boddington; John Hain; Katie and Bob Strachan; Ron Wood; Ross and Julie Yates


1/71 intake Reunion at Gold Coast 2015

From 14-17 May 2015, 6 Chalkies from the 1/71 Nasho intake, and their partners, reunited at Broadbeach on the Gold Coast.


In the photo, L-R, are: John Hain (Taurama), Ross Yates (Igam), Andy Dalziel (Igam), Bob Strachan (Moem, Goldie, Murray and Taurama), John Fragomeni (Moem and Goldie), Warren Dunn (Igam). In the front: Richard Boddington (Murray).

00120 (2)

John, Ross, Andy, Bob, John and Richard all had been posted together to Holsworthy in 1971 for the 3 months prior to their PNG postings.

This was the first time we had seen Warren Dunn since the 1970’s.

With a few tales, ales and vinos in between, we visited Sanctuary Cove, Mt Tamborine, Byron Bay and Biillinudgel.

Lunch at Kenmore, Brisbane - March 2014 L to R: Ian Ogston, Dan Winkel, Michael Turnbull, Terry Edwinsmith, Peter Darmody, Frank Cordingley, Richard Boddington
Lunch at Kenmore, Brisbane – March 2014
L to R: Ian Ogston, Dan Winkel, Michael Turnbull, Terry Edwinsmith, Peter Darmody, Frank Cordingley, Richard Boddington

Reunions Photo Gallery -
Greg Ivey and John Gibson meet in Port Moresby on 18 Jan 2014 when Greg attended the State Funeral for Sgt. Ben Moide. John and Kathy are living there on a Church assignment

Terry Edwinsmith with Groff Peters at Geoff's Sunshine Coast home
Terry Edwinsmith with Groff Peters at Geoff’s Sunshine Coast home – July 2013

Reunions Photo Gallery -
Moem Chalkies, Brisbane 20 August 2012
(L to r) Greg Ivey, Keith Werder, Kym Rothe

Reunions Photo Gallery -
Perth Dinner, 31 August 2012 (L to r) Greg Ivey(MoemMurray), Graeme Johnson (Moem), John Stringfellow (Taurama Inf), John Ford (Taurama), John Fragomeni (MoemGoldie)

Reunions Photo Gallery -
1968 Taurama Bks reunion – John Gibson, Roger Howard, Norm Hunter and Terry Edwinsmith – July 2012

Reunions Photo Gallery -
Peter Wedgwood in Toowoomba Chronicle – Anzac Day 2012

Reunions Photo Gallery -
Former members of RAAEC and Murray Barracks, Sgt. Greg Farr, Lt. Col. Roger Jones, WO2 Dan Winkel, Sgt. Frank Cordingley at Gallipoli Barracks – April 2012

Reunions Photo Gallery -
Former SGTs. Keith Werder and Greg Ivey (Moem Barracks) meet at Gallipolli Barracks after 40 odd years – April 2012

Reunions Photo Gallery -
2012 Katoomba reunion of 4 Chalkies of 1971/72
From left: John Fragomeni (Moem & Goldie River), Kenn Hall and Richard Boddington (Murray Barracks), Andy Dalziel (Igam), and John Hain (Taurama)

Reunions Photo Gallery -
Denis 60th birthday in 2005
L-R Denis O’Rourke, Alan Day, John Harris (1966-67 sgts)
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  1. Melinda, our information is limited to National Servicemen who served in Papua New Guinea between 1966 and 1975/76. For other service men such as your great uncle, you may need to contact the Australian War Memorial.

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    I am trying to find my great Uncle Frank Cordingley. I believe he was with 2/2 machine gun regiment deployed to Egypt. I have only the start of his reg no which is NX 598 and I was hoping you would be able to help me in finding him. He does not come up on the Nominal Roll under that name. I hope you can help me in my quest to find him or a relative.

    Thank you


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