Important Historical Photo

The photo on this page is of massive importance to those interested in the history of the Chalkies scheme. This is the only photo we have of Brigadier Ian Murray Hunter with Chalkies. All are Queensland Chalkies and in our contact group.

As far as we can tell, Brigadier Hunter was the driver of the scheme that made excellent use of the significant numbers of teachers being called up for National Service. We have all benefited enormously from the insight and efforts of this man. We all owe him a great debt.

Important Historical Photo -
Photo of Brigadier Ian Murray Hunter with RAAEC National Service Sergeants published in the Brisbane Telegraph on Tuesday, 4th July 1967

The picture was found by Frank Cordingley. It was published in the Brisbane Telegraph on the 4th July, 1967.

Many thanks to Frank for providing this for us.

Note also the beret badge is not the current badge worn by the members of the RAAEC. It is its predecessor. A photo of this badge alongside the current one can be seen on the 2010 Chalkies Bash page.

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