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Many thanks for your prompt reply.

I enjoyed scrolling through the Network’s Website yesterday. The day before, I had returned home from presenting a Remembrance Day address at a local school and on a whim, I decided to Google-search, ‘National Service & Pacific Islands Regiment’ – and found your Network!

A former colleague, Ian H., who had a brief stint at Moem Barracks in 1967, included a comment and, his intention to join a reunion on October 6 last, in Brisbane. (If I had known, in advance, I probably would have flown up to Brisbane to join you all). Queenslander, Kevin S. was part of our team at Moem Barracks in 67/68 and I remember that he had a very good rapport with the native soldiers and spoke Pidgin very well.

I was impressed with, and enjoyed, the article written in ‘Armi Wantoks’ Journal, Volume 2, 2009 by Norm H. Norm’s experience since Nasho Days convincingly outlines the life-long impact that good (& bad) Army leadership had on his significant professional career. I intend to write an article for your journal a.s.a.p.

National Service History

Called-up in 1965; deferred until induction at Puckapunyal, February 1, 1967. After basic training, I was posted to RAEME at Broadmeadows & St Kilda Barracks; then to PNG Command (2 PIR) as a Sergeant in RAAEC, from September 1967 to October 1968. Discharged at Watsonia Barracks, Melbourne in January 1969, where I finished off with a weekend guard duty, for a minor misdemeanour (Familiar?). I was a little blasé about my experience in PNG and the AMF per se, at the time. In hindsight, however, I now recognize the huge impact for good in my life (private & professional), of the brilliant experiences (some quite challenging) and the significant responsibilities given to us in our early 20s.


Sgt (Ret.) Russell T. Jenkin (RAAEC)

Moem Barracks (2PIR)


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