2009 Chalkies Bash

In many ways this has been a successful year for our informal group. New contacts have been made and this has added to the richness of our understanding of the PNG experience.
As well, we have set off on another journey to more fully tell the story of our time in PNG. This is the Chalkies Digital Project whereby the photographic record that we made in PNG will be recorded in digital form.
We are expecting to distribute this among our group and also to places like the AWM, the RAAEC headquarters library and our connections in PNG itself.
We began the project at our annual get together where most of the material was presented. The Chalkies involved were: Ed Diery, Phil Adam (Murray Barracks), Norm Hunter, Terry Edwinsmith, Kev Horton and John Gibson (Taurama Barracks), Greg Ivey and Kevin Smith (Moem Barracks) and Ian Ogston (Goldie River). See the photo below:

2009 Chalkies Bash -
2009 Chalkies

We were privileged again to have with us George Kearney (back left) who was at the heart of the decision making on the PNG Chalkies scheme.

The project is well under way with Goldie River and Murray Barracks completed. The anticipated finish time is April next year. I will keep you up to date on progress with this task.

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