Vanimo Photo Gallery

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Parade Ground, Vanimo – 1968

Vanimo 1970 with (l to r) Officer quarters, Dining building, Sgts accommodation with Haus Win in front

Sunrise from Sergeants Mess, Vanimo – 1968

Haus Win, Vanimo – 1968

Rob Duff embracing his favourite love but fearing the return past 6 inch nails embedded in this coconut tree, 1970

Typical Chalkies bedroom at Vanimo, 1970

Rob Duff & soldiers returning from a fishing trip west of Vanimo, 1970

Same soldiers near Haus Win and Sgts Mess after fishing day, 1970

Vanimo Company Barracks - 1970

Education Section Vanimo - 1970

Classroom At The End of the Mess Hall - 1970

Sgt. Boyd Robertson having a rain water shower - 1970

Haus Win and palm trees, Vanimo - Feb 68

Vanimo - Feb 68

Sgt Kevin Smith at Vanimo - 1967

Vanimo Sergeants and Officers Mess 1970

Vanimo headland through the net - 1970

One thought on “Vanimo Photo Gallery

  1. Boyd, we need more of your excellent photos to catch up with the number of photos from other Barracks. Vanimo was a visual paradise (as well as an important listening post on Indonesian Military comms.) Remember when Andrew & Susan Peacock arrived for a swim and a barbecue with the Officers and Chalkies? “Those were the days my friend.”

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