Taurama Barracks soldiers

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1967 Army Aussie Rules Team Back row from left  2Lt John Stringfellow (3rd), Michael Bai (5th), 2Lt Bert ?(7th)  Front row Sgt Foster (4) Further Names required if you can identify anyone

1967 Army Aussie Rules Team
Back row from left 2Lt John Stringfellow (3rd), Michael Bai (5th), 2Lt Bert ?(7th), Sgt Bruce Harris (10th)
Front row RAOC Sgt George Foster – captain/Coach (4th), RAEME Major ? – President of the club (5th)

Further names are required to identify members of the two football teams posted here
1967 champions flag

1967 champions flag

1967 Champion Aussie Rules Team

1967 Champion Aussie Rules Team

John Harris in the tent digs for the first few months at Taurama Barracks - 1966

Sgt Philip Parker with Sgt Morris Jenner looking at artifacts - 1967

Left to right: Sgts. John Gibson, Bruce Boxall, Bob Foster and Norm Hunter with his back to the camera in Taurama Library - 1968

2Lt. R McEvoy and Sgt. Edwinsmith - 1968

2nd from left is Peter Tymoc, 3rd from right is Phil Parker and at extreme right is Graham (Knobby) Carnes 1967-68

John Gibson, Bob Foster and Roger Howard (PM airport)1967-68

Roger Howard and Ian Hodder at Taurama Bks old Sgt’s mess1967-68

Those in mess dress are L-R John Gibson, Bob Green (tailor) and Roger Howard 1967-68

Battalion Orderly Sergeant Phil Parker with an officer - 1968

Sgt. Peter Porteous (1970-71)

Nasho sergeants at Taurama 1970
Back L to R: Sgt Barry Nunn (Vic), Sgt Darryl Dymock (Qld), Lt Chris Bergin (Reg) (Qld), Sgt Mick Mulligan (Vic), Cpt Wolfgang Flayden (Reg), Pte John Gaira (PIR Education Assistant) (Popondetta), Sgt Tom Uil (Qld), Sgt. Ian Mackay (WA)
Front L to R: Name forgotten (PIR Education Assistant), Sgt John Ford (W.A.), Sgt Darryl Stewart (Vic), Unknown PIR soldier
Sgt Steve Beveridge (NSW) is behind the camera

RSM Osi in recruitment poster

RSM McKay – See articles on Leadership and Last Aussie RSM at Taurama Barracks

Kissick, the Sergeants Mess cleaner

Osi and Manli Rossi


Sgt Graham Leader 1971

Listening to music at the Taurama Sgts mess 1971 – Wayne Wallace, John Moore, Graham Leader

Graham Leader at Puckapunyal 1971

Chalkies at Taurama 1971
back L to R – Ray Bassett, Graham Leader, Russell Bates, Kev Horton
Front L to R – Wayne Wallace, Neville Corrie, John Moore
Missing – Peter Porteous

A dinner party at the home of Sgt Leader 1971
back L to R – Graham Leader, Wayne Wallace
Seated – John Moore, Ray Bassett, Peter Porteous, Merlyn Leader

5 thoughts on “Taurama Barracks soldiers

  1. Re 1967 Army Football Photo: RAOC Sgt George Foster was Capt/Coach, (I was Best Man at his wedding in that year). I am in the Rear Row, 2nd last in from right. The person on the right of George F. was a RAEME Major, (whose name eludes me), who was the President of the F.C.

    • Avia,
      It was an honour to serve with your late grandfather, RSM Osi at Taurama Barracks. He was a very well respected man in the Battalion. Elegantly dressed in his PIR greens, he dominated the parade ground, kept the labour line in order and played an excellent game of darts in the Sergeants’ Mess. However, I occasionally beat him at indoor bowls at which he was a master. Great memories!
      Terry (1PIR 1967-8)

      • Thank you Terry,
        I am so glad to have read your response. My grandfather did love to bowl and was always immaculate and precise in everything he did.
        Thank you again and kind regards

    • Hi Avia,
      I served as a “Chalkie” at Taurama during 1968-69 when your grandfather was there. I have a copy of his recruiting poster & photo “Strongim Kantri Bilong Yupela”. It would mean more to you now rather than me so you are welcome to have it. If you would like it, email your postal address.
      Peter Chard

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