Sgt Rod Cassidy’s photos

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These photos show activity at 3RTB Singleton, NSW during Recruit Training followed by photos at Moem Barracks, Wewak as well as at Vanimo in 1971

Final exercise 3RTB Singleton

Guard Duty Singleton 3RTB

3RTB Firing Range, Singleton

Graduation 3RTB 1970 Singleton

E Coy 3RTB Graduation, Singleton NSW

List of names E Coy 3RTB Graduation, Singleton NSW

2PIR Group Photo – Aug 1971 cartoon

2PIR Group Photo = Aug 1971

Sgt Ian Taylor, Sgt John Humphreys at Wewak

Sgt Rod Cassidy, Sgt Ian Taylor at Moem

Sgt Rusty Bates, Sgt Nev Corrie, Sgt Rod Cassidy

Scotty, Didiman Moem

Chalkies became the enemy last exercise

Moem Barracks – home of 2PIR

Local Village



at Wewak

Caribou on airstrip at Vanimo

PIR troops disembarking

Load out at Vanimo back to Wewak

Hurcules C41 landing at Vanimo

Vanimo Mess House Wind – many a beer consumed

Vanimo Barracks – right on the beachfront

Uploading stores, Vanimo

The footy oval at Vanimo

Classroom Vanimo 1971


Refugee Camp at Wutung

Grave Yard at Wutung 1971

WW2 wreck at Maprik in Sepik Valley

Flight over the Strickland River Valley 1971

The Strickland River in the Highlands

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