PIB and Army Reunion 20 June 2015
For details of this 75th Anniversary Reunion on the Gold Coast, please follow this here

This Association was formed in 2007 in Brisbane to honour the military role played by Papuans, New Guineans and Australians during and after World War II. In particular, it aims to promote the cooperative and heroic work carried out by these soldiers in the defence of Papua New Guinea from 1940 to the present. (For an explanation of the acronyms PIB, PIR and NGIB please see the Media Release.)

Our present Association continues the activities of the earlier “Papuan & New Guinean Battalions Assn” and its successor the “PIR Assn of Australia” which disbanded in 2007. Continuity with today can be seen in the publishing of Newsletters, attendance at Commemorative Services, ANZAC Day Annual Meetings and cooperation with other World War II associations.

Additional activities of our present Assn include active networking by Email with those involved in the wider perspective of PNG military service. Future activities may include recruiting Papua New Guinean soldiers into the Assn; and assisting with education or leadership projects in the PNG military community.

Currently, the membership of the Assn comprises Australia’s returned soldiers from the PIB and NGIB together with members of their families. In addition, there are a substantial number of former soldiers of the post-War period who served either in the PIR (Taurama & Moem Barracks) or in its associated elements at Headquarters (Murray Barracks), Recruit Training (Goldie River), or Officer Training (Igam Barracks). This Assn is actively seeking new Members to help maintain our objectives. Please use the Membership Form to become part of the Assn. Your small annual fee helps to fund our activities. Alternately, a Donation will entitle you to Life Membership and no further fees will be required.

Financial membership provides Newsletters, eligibility for Committee positions, participation in Assn projects and access to the PNG Anniversary Medal.

Contacts for our Association:
      Kev Horton ( lindyhorton@hotmail.com) and Greg Ivey ( iveygj@gmail.com)

Further Reading:

  1. A Media Release from 2012 describing the role of the PIB and NGIB during World War II.
  2. Minutes of the Association’s AGM on 1st June 2014
  3. PIB NGIB HQ PIR Association Newsletter January 2015. Richard Boddington is the current editor. His email address is rrljb@optusnet.com.au. Contribution of articles to the newsletter would be appreciated.
  4. The PIB in the Kokoda Campaign by W.O. Peter Jesser
  5. A submission to Review Veterans’ Entitlements by Peter Stokes for the Clarke Review of 2004
  6. Kokoda Commemoration & Plaque Dedication Service 8th August 2014


  1. Obituary – Sergeant Frank Wust
  2. Obituary – Lance Sergeant Ben Moide C.B.E.
  3. PNG State Funeral for Lance Sergeant Ben Moide C.B.E.
  4. Obituary for Captain A.E. Hooper (Papuan Infantry Battalion, ANGAU)

Membership Application:
To apply for or renew membership, download the application form here.

Banking Details of the Association
Member wishing to deposit money with the Association should use the following banking details to issue a direct credit with the Association:

Account Name : PIB NGIB HQ PIR Assn
Branch : CBA Coolum Beach
BSB : 06 4153
Account Number : 10090747

When depositing money please include name and reason eg J. Blogs – membership – donation – stickers etc. in the reference to appear on the statement

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