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John Humphrey leaving Wewak by Staff Car in 1971

Married Quarters at Moem Barracks, 1971

2PIR Education Section

2PIR Education Section (1972)

The 'HausPig' is the Piggery on the 2PIR farm, which was managed by the "didiman" i.e. Sgt. Martin Forbes

The ‘HausPig’ is the Piggery on the 2PIR farm, which was managed by the “didiman” i.e. Sgt. Martin Forbes(1972-74)

Old Sergeants Mess Haus Win at the beach 1967

Old Sak sak School and new Battalion HQ 1967

Old Haus Lotu and Sak sak Guard House 1967

Old Education Centre at the beach 1967 with Capt. Ian Warlters(OIC) and son Michael

Old Haus Lotu 1967

2PIR Plaque

Moem Barracks, Wewak

Moem Barracks, Wewak

Education Centre,Moem Barracks, Wewak

2PIR soldiers in class with Sgt Greg Ivey (1969)

Chapel 2PIR - 1970

Interior of Chapel 2PIR - 1970

Company Barracks, 2PIR - 1970

Education Centre, 2PIR - 1970

European Married Quarters, 2PIR - 1970

Trooping the Colours, 2PIR - 1970

Trooping the Colours, 2PIR - 1970

Trooping the Colours, 2PIR - 1970

Trooping the Colours, 2PIR - 1970

classroom at Moem – 1968

Moem Chapel and Sgt. Garry Screen - 1970

Class taught by Sgt. Boyd Robertson - 1970

2 PIR Band practice seen from Education Building 1970

Education Centre, Moem Barracks – 1970

Wom Point, Wewak – 1970

Pool, Moem Barracks – 1970

Church, Moem Barracks – 1970

Moem Barracks Theatre – 1970

Sergeants Block, Moem Barracks – 1970

Entrance to Moem Barracks – 1970

Battalion Headquarters, Moem Barracks

Trooping the Colours 1968. (Pipe Band at far right.)

Sergeants Mess Bar opens for Lunch 1968

Moem Point, Wewak

Moem Point, Wewak

Ag Classroom 2PIR

Ag Classroom 2PIR

2PIR Sgts Mess, 1972

2PIR Sgts Mess, 1972

38 thoughts on “Moem Barracks Photo Gallery

  1. Hi Clare, pleased you like the Website. I met some of those you mentioned in Perth recently at the Nashos Reunion. Sounds like you had a great time in Wewak back then and been very busy ever since!
    This website welcome photos and typed stories of the Chalkies era.

  2. Hello all,
    What a hoot to find this site! I was at Moem as a nasho in 1967-68, in the second group of teachers. What a fabulous place to spend a year or two!
    Who was I with? Max Quanchi, Tiges from Waikerie, Bruce and Helen Richter, Smithy, Clapper, Sgt Creevey, Lt Kenneally, what a good bunch…
    I married my first wife Cheryl in the old haus lotu, had the reception in the Wewak Hotel.
    Got used to crap falling in my beer from the bamboo roof of the old sergeants quarters, slept in the sak sak huts on the beach.
    Since then I’ve changed from Tony to Clare, been married three times and am father of seven children…

    • The famous Headland name was mentioned many times at the Nasho Chalkie reunion in Perth, mostly in a positive manner which was quite unusual given the amount of bull, half-lies and straight untruths being bandied around all weekend. Laurie, Pete, Rick, Bob, John and Max have been mates ever since and have fifty years of reunuions and shared experiences – its been an amazing journey.

    • Nice seeing these photos. Brings back so many memories of my pikinini army life. My dad was the bandmaster of the then 2PIR pipes and drums (1965-1973), he was WOI Tiuamoa. I’m his eldest daughter, Daisy and I remember Mr.Richter but forgot whether he used to take us for youth programs with Padre Dale or he was the education sergeant and we used to borrow books from the library.Cheers

  3. Max Quanchi here – formerly Education Sgt at Moem 1966-1967, part of the original
    batch of seven nashos to go to 2PIR at Moem. Good to see some names and places from 50 years ago including the old sak-sak Mess and quarters, and Education haus. The pics of the pool and double story barracks and new Education centre are from another era – it was rough and ready and mostly make-shift in 1966. Great to read about the Aussie Rules continuing which I started in 1966 with Ian Willis from Brandi High. In 1966 we did a flight down to play Madang, courtesy of free seats on AnsettMAL. .

    • Thanks Max. The Chalkies who followed your Group at Moem owe a lot to your pioneering work. We had the benefit of modern accommodation, swimming pool, quality classrooms etc. If you have any photos from your service there, they would be welcome.

      • Hi greg
        Hundreds of slides of Moem but have not unpacked them yet since returning to Australia, and then to digitise – so possibly early next year.

  4. As a soldier of today and looking at pictures of long ago, l feel proud and honoured to be part of this fine unit. 2RPIR… ANTAP LON OL!!

    • Antap long ol. The motto of 2 RPIR. Thank you for your comments. We are happy that you enjoyed the photos.
      I was also proud to be a Soldier of 2 PIR in the late 1960s. The PIR carried on the brave tradition of the PIB and NGIB during the Second World War.

    • Hello Jim, thank you for your message.
      Our Website team are pleased when former Servicemen visit the Website to see the photos and read the stories of years ago.
      You can also read some Infantry stories on our other Website:

  5. I have just found your website courtesy of Vetaffairs (Autumn 2015) The names Harry Clark and Greg Ivey ring a bell but I must admit I cannot remember them which is suprising as I was at Moem Barracks !968-9. Sgt Vehicle mechanic (regular) with PNG wksp after 3 years at Murray Barracks. .I was also at VanKiep in 1971-2. RTA on 7 March 1972. Some may remember WO1 Graeme Weis, RSM 2PIR 1969. Also met him again at VanKiep in 1972. He was AATTV.
    I was raised in Port Moresby, was also in the PNGVR, and returned to POM after discharge in ’72.

    • Thanks Michael, your name rings a bell. Thanks for making contact with us. I was at Moem from November 69 to December 70. RSM Graeme Wease has been in touch with me in recent years so I can put you in contact with him. Best to use my Email:

    • Hi Warren, like you, remember the name not the face (sorry about that) I arrived Wewak in Mar/Apr 68. Arthur Craig was the Boss, also ran into him in SVN he was EIS (Saigon). Bickoff and Harry Lyme were the VM Sgts one of them was probably your replacement. Harry has his photo in a book called Mud & Dust (Eqpt in SVN). Peter Cramp the Radio Mech sadly passed away a couple of years ago, he was in the WA Fire Brigade. Hope this brings back some memories for you. I have tried to add a couple of photos but I’m not having much luck. Regards Harry.

  6. Hi I am John Porti, my father was a PNG Soldier at Moem Barracks Delta Company during that period. I was born at Boram Hospital and we lived at Type 1 Married quarters. I went to Moem Primary School and had school friends from our Australian Officers living at the European Married Quarters. I am now the Secretary for Defence Papua New Guinea. This web page is excellent. I want to see more pictures because in those days only Europeans have cameras. Keep posting. When I next visit Brisbane I would really like to meet up with you guys. Many Thanks

    • Thank you John for posting a message about your youth at Moem Barracks. In Brisbane on 18 October, a Reunion is taking place for Aussie servicemen with a focus on Moem Barracks. Talks and photos of that Reunion will appear on this Website later.
      We appreciate your positive comments about the Website and we congratulate you on your distinguished career in PNG.
      I will email you separately about meeting you in Brisbane on your next visit.

      • Hi everybody, Like John Porti , I grew up at Moem Barracks. My father was CPL Paul Kenu and he was with the different companies before his last job with the Garrison Engineering North. I was hoping to see more photos as he might pop up in one. Thank you for this lovely site.

        • Hi Wendy was your dad at 2 PIR between 1967 and 1970, if so I may have some photos he may be in, my Dad was RSM 67-aug 70 when he handed over to Manli Rossi, cheers Greg Wease

          • Hi Greg,
            Yes, I am pretty sure my dad was at Moem barracks then. Moem was his first posting and he remained there until his retirement in 1988.

  7. Hi Grahame, just found this site. I was posted to Wewak 68 -70 (electrician) RAEME Wksp. I remember your dad and Marilyn very well. I played in the Red team my first year there. Also ran into your father in Van Keip SVN in 71. My regards to you all. Harry Clarke

    • Hi Harry and sorry for the slow reply. We probably met at Moem Sgts Mess as I was there 1969-70. A Reunion of Nashos & Regs who were at Moem will be held in Brisbane on October 18 if you are interested. I hope to send you an Email about it later this month.

    • Hi Harry,I’m a fitter mech to the RAEME wksp in Moem bks that you once served. The wksp itself doesn’t change much. If you want any photos of the wksp than I will post it via same mode. Cheers

  8. Love the old pix of Igam Barracks and Moem Barracks! – I was working for CDW in 1966 when I went to Wewak to repair some PIR trucks, ferrying them from Moem Bks to Brandi Camp Workshop, and back after completion. After Joining the PNGVR. I had a week staying at Igam Bks while on Exercises, with PIR being the “Enemy” … I was a Mortar Corporal by then and was made up to MFC – which I loved! (Mobile Fire Controller – on my own in the bush and on top of hills… no-one (“enemy”) ever found me up there! I was in Wewak one day when a VW Kombi had a collision, and a white woman was trapped inside the passenger seat… I advised Civvy Fireys how to best use Porta-Power hydraulic rams for best effect on VW’s – as I had done my apprenticeship on VW and Porta-Power. They got it right, using the best points of getting her out without a “spring-Back” effect…. that could have hurt!

  9. Grahame, Just yesterday I sent off an article on my memories of 2PIR, 1967 & 1968, to Armi Wantoks Journal. Your Dad, RSM Weiss, features prominently. Your family was very kind to we, Education Nashos; including (Aunty) Marilyn. Your Dad and your family were keen supporters of our Aussie Rules Football Team, PIR Red. Your Dad was tough, but fair – and a real Aussie character. He was patient with me on a number of occasions, when I didn’t expect him to be so. He taught me valuable lessons on leadership and personnel-management. Russell Jenkin

    • Russell, many thanks for your kind thoughts, and I must say sorry for not replying earlier but alas I haven’t been to the site for awhile now.

      Anyways both my dad and aunty remember you well and I must say fondly, I recognised the name too, I am pretty sure you attended Marilyn 21st at our house was a big big night. I well remember the 2PIR aussie rules teams Red and Green, dad coached the red team I think, my brother and I were always at training with him, for until I went to boarding school in 69, you guys (the education boys) were always the life of the mess. One question, were you one of the young Edu Sgts that used to come to our house for a haircut from Dad, just to talk to Marilyn, some bloody good haircuts came from dads hand. Talk soon. I have finally just about consolidating alot of pics from 2PIR that i will soon send to Ian on disc, will be of interest to you I think.

      Kind regards

  10. Hi, My name in Kirstin Yelland, and we lived in Wewak 1969-1974. Great memories visiting Moem Barracks, and attending ceremonies. The family, Lloyd and Lorraine Yelland, were in involved in the 1970 return to Wewak. Around 600 return servicemen came. Two stayed with us, Mr Fox & Mr Bawdon. On our wall we have two plaques, Return to Wewak 1970 & Pacific Island Regiment – To Find A Path – 2 (same as photo above). Ted Kenna, VC, he lead the group onto aircraft returning to Australia with a carton of beer. I have great photos of the bombing of Wewak. My father was 17th Field Ambulance WW2 & Medical Patrol officer throughout PNG. The soldiers played games with all the children. We had swimming lessons in Moem pool. Soldiers help the locals with funtions. They were kind to us. My father was invited to be a member of the 2PIR officers club. I remember having soft drinks. Thankyou to the soldiers who gave help to everyone and for lovely memories. Kirstin Yelland, Gold Coast

    • Kirstin, thanks for your message and positive comments about the Aussie soldiers who lived at Moem Barracks. You and your father are very welcome to join our PIB/PIR Association where we pay tribute to men who served in the Army during and after World War 11. Please Email me if you wish (see Contacts page of this website).

  11. Grahame, you have brought back fond memories of your Dad as RSM at Moem Barracks. He set a great example when he handed over RSM duties to the local RSM Manly Rossi on 25 August 1970. Those Chalkies at Moem at that time regarded both men highly.

  12. Graeme,
    I know that the group of 2PIR members would be most interested in your photos.
    I see that your father is pictured in the book ‘To Find a Path’ which is on the web.
    He is with a group of RSMs and WO1s. I have some names but not all of them.
    May be you can help us here?

  13. Arvo all, interesting site, I know some names, my Dad was Wo1 G E Wease RSM of 2PIR Sept 67 to Aug 70, and alot of youEducation Sgts spent quite alot of time at our House, remeber my Aunty . Marilyn Wease lived with us at Moem she had her 21st ther in 68 ?? was a big party. I have quite a lot of Sgt Mess pics etc that would have some of your memeber in them, if interested.

    rgds Grahame

    • Hi. Grahame
      I’m Daisy Tiu’amoa my dad was the bandmaster of the pipes & drums of 2PIR and we stayed there until 1973.
      I remember your dad and your aunt Marilyn. She used to work at the canteen and she used to give me ear rings please say hello to them for me.

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