• Ron Lynch – (Education Sergeant, Goldie River 1972)

    Ron passed away 4th February 2017
  • David Pollack – (Education Sergeant, Lae 1970) -click here to view his obituary in The Toowoomba Chronicle.
  • Bernard Neeson (Doc Neeson) – (Education Sergeant, Goldie River 1970)
    Click here for Obituary Notice – passed away Wednesday 4th June 2014
  • Edward Mangano – (Education Sergeant, Murray Barracks 1972-73)
  • Geoff Peters (Chalkie Sergeant 1969-70 Igam Barracks, Lae) – passed away Friday 26th July, 2013 at his Sunshine Coast home after suffering from Pulmonary Fibrosis
  • Ken Rowe – Ken died in the Black Sat Bushfires of 2009 – see obituary
  • Phil Imison – Phil passed away 17th October 2011, aged 65
  • John Martin – John died in a motorcycle crash in Port Moresby in 1970
  • Chris Donnan – Chris lost his life during a climb of Mt Wilhelm in December ’71.
    He was a Chalkie Sergeant. See Mount Wilhelm where his death is mentioned.
    • See also a pictorial essay of the placement of a memorial plaque on Mt. Wilhelm by 3 of his mates in 1972
  • Arthur John (1906-2012) – appointed Director of RAAEC in 1952 – obituary in Sydney Morning Herald Friday 20th July 2012
  • Graham Hilder – Ron Inglis (Chalkie 1970-71 Moem Barracks Wewak and Igam Barracks Lae) writes –
    “Graham Hilder (Chalkie 1971-72 Moem Barracks) passed away suddenly in 2001 when he was Principal of the Calrossy School in Tamworth, New South Wales. Graham and Ron Inglis were best mates at Sydney University. They were both trainee teachers doing BA Dip Ed in which Graham majored in Mathematics and Geography. They were called up together but for reasons unknown, Ron went straight to basic training at Kapooka but Graham was given a deferment to do a year of teaching. It was an unusual coincidence that, 12 months on, Graham went to Kapooka, to infantry training at Singleton and to a Chalkie posting at Moem Barracks in Wewak.
    On return to Australia Graham taught at Kinross in Orange then Rockhampton Girls Grammar School before being appointed Principal of Calrossy School. Graham was a much loved Principal of Calrossy for over 10 years prior to his untimely death.”

6 thoughts on “Obituaries

  1. Just a note to advise your group that Sgt. Ron Lynch (Mathematics Teacher) who taught at Mt Hagen in PNG passed away on Saturday 4 February 2017.

  2. I have a photograph of late Sgt. Christopher Donnan’s memorial plaque taken in 2010 on Mt. Wilhelm. I can send you that one photo I took if you need it.

    • Nelson,
      Thank you for your offer. It would be greatly appreciated. Can you send it as an attachment to my email address
      As it happens, I am preparing a new webpage with a series of photographs and newspaper clippings taken during the trip to place the plaque on Mt. Wilhelm. This webpage will appear over the next couple of weeks. These photos are courtesy of Sgt. Jim Semple who was one of the 3 who placed the plaque there.

  3. Thanks Martin. Hope you have received my Email by now. This Website is where photos and images of TPNG material are being “collected”. You are welcome to Email these to the Web Manager, Frank, whose Email address is on the Contacts page.

  4. Sorry to hear about Graham. I think he might have been the only married chalkie in that group – and if so, I took over his house at Moem. I believe I was the last chalkie nasho SGT instructor in PNG (left in late 74) and have lots of material and photos to add to any collection if someone will let me know who to contact.
    I’m in Ballarat and am very sorry to have missed the Melbourne reunion.

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