Jim Semple’s Photo Gallery

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This gallery will show photos taken by Sgt. Jim (Bill) Semple in 1971/72

Coconut Palms, Madang

Staghorns, Madang

View from wharves, Madang

Warehouses, Madang

Coral roscks near Coastwatchers Memorial, Madang

Coral rocks, Madang

View from Coastwatchers Motel

Lagoon, Madang

Ship leaving harbour, Madang

Sellers of carvings, Madang

Near Coastwatchers Memorial, Madang

Japanese landing barges, Rabaul

House of Assembly (pre-independence), Port Moresby

Koki Market, Port Moresby

Sunday at Ella Beach, Port Moresby

Jim Semple and Steve Sibson, Ella Beach

Part of Rouna Hydroelectric scheme, behind Port Moresby

Bomana War Cemetery, Port Moresby

Bomana War Cemetery, Port Moresby

Bomana War Cemetery, Port Moresby

Frankie Russell, Greg Buffier, Jill and Ken Stewart, Bomana War Cemetery

DCA Training College, Port Moresby

Frankie Russell in Trobriand skirt, Bisini Parade Flats, Port Moresby

South Coast of TPNG

Markham River?

Catalina shell, Jacksons Areodrome, Port Moresby

Fence, Jacksons Areodrome

Datsun ute near crescent mound, Jacksons Areodrome

Moresby end of Kokoda Track

Port Moresby from Burns Peak

Army Newspaper Banner

PNG Post Courier

South Pacific Lager Label

South Pacific Lager

PNG Symbols

Laloki River from falls

Roana Falls

Signs above Roana Falls

Laloki valley from Roana Falls Lookout

Murray Barracks from Burns Peak

Village near Kwikila

Village on Fairfax Harbour

Crystal Rapids

L to R – Bob Large, Brian Wellman (glasses), Wendy Stark, Steve Gibson, Roger and Gaynor Waller, Jill and Ken Stewart(face obscured)

WO2 Max Hill, Crystal Rapids

Crystal Rapids

Family on the move, Crystal Rapids

WO1 H Busby, WO1 D Cassidy, WO1 D Bowie, WO1 H Patch, Centre WO1 c Kealy, WO1 Marika, Front WO! Manli Rosi, WO1 Osi Ivaraoa

Jackson Field, Port Moresby

Rubber Plantation near Sogeri

Fiat and Zephyr

Wendy Stark, Steve Sibson and Jim Semple

Bomona War Cemetery


Port Moresby

On parade

Spears for sale

At the end of the Kokoda Track, Sogeri

Opening House of Assembly 1972

Capt. McQuinn, Education Officer

Elected Members of House of Assembly, 1972

Familiar entities of 1972

Remnants of gun near beach, Moem Barracks

View of Wewak from Mission Hill

War Memorial , Wewak

War Memorial at Mission Hill

Between POM and Wewak

Kreer Primary School, Wewak

Pig Pen, Wewak Barracks

Near mouth of Sepik River

Surf from Haus Win, Moem Barracks

Buying artifacts in village near Wewak

Arriving at foot of Matupit volcano

Inside main crater of Matupit colvano

Matupit Island where canoe was hired

Rabaul and harbour with Matiput in the background

Another view of volcanoes with Matiput island in foreground

Inside Matupit crater

Matupit Island dunny with Matupit and mother in background

Bainings fire dance, near Rabaul

Cave in Matupit crater

Sulphurous vent in Matupit – note sulphur crystals

Riding side-saddle in DC3 enroute to Rabaul

Markham Valley

War Cemetery, Lae