Ian Ogston and John Morris reunited

Chalkies reunited

John Morris and I (Ian Ogston) were posted to the PNG Training Depot at Goldie River in 1970-71. At the time we were the only unmarried Chalkies at Goldie and as a consequence, spent a very large amount of our 12 months in PNG together.

At the end of the year, we walked out of each other’s life and set about getting on with our lives and careers. When the Chalkie group set up eight years ago, I was most keen to contact John but was unable to do so. Some months ago, through the work of Greg Ivey and Trevor Pryor (a mutual acquaintance), the link was able to be made.

We met up on the Gold Coast earlier this month and what a very great pleasure it was.

Ian Ogston and John Morris at Goldie River 1970

Ian Ogston and John Morris at the Gold Coast 2011. Maybe changed just a little!!

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