Presented here are articles describing or analysing the activities of Australian servicemen (and their wives) sent to live and work with the indigenous soldiers of Papua New Guinea.
Most of the material relates to the period before PNG Independence but occasionally descriptions of World War 11 campaigns or more recent activities are provided.
Usually, these articles have been published earlier in the Armi Wantoks journal or posted online.
Here, the articles are grouped into different categories: General perspectives, Civic Action Patrols, Personal Memories, Army Bases, Beyond the Bases, PNG Culture, and Activities of the Chalkies.

General Perspectives

Civic Action Patrols

Didiman Experiences

Personal Memories

Army Bases

Beyond the Bases

PNG Culture

Original Articles from the 1966-1973 era

Tristan Moss (researching the army’s educational involvement in PNG)

Activities of the Chalkies

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