Bendigo Reunion 2013

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We had all the guys attend from the 69-70 year except for two. It was suggested last year after the Oct 6th reunion in Brisbane that our group meet in Bendigo one year later on the 12th of October 2013. Some of the group decided to come early so I arranged some activities to keep them occupied.

Venues included the Sacred Heart Cathedral, Tulip Festival, Chinese Precint, Bendigo Pottery, Wine Tour, Buddist Great Stupa, and an underground gold mining tour. This enabled everyone to mingle and kindle old relationships with renewed vigor.

All in all 18 participated including wives. A great time was had by all.

Boyd Robertson

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3 thoughts on “Bendigo Reunion 2013

  1. Boyd,great selection of shots. Please note, Kim has only one wife(Mary) – as far as we know!! However, Cheryl is not one of them!! Refer to group photo taken at Foundry Hotel. Cheryl (Johnson) is still with me – as far as I know!! Cheers, Graeme

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