National Reunion, 6 Oct 2012

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The following is a break down of those we expected to attend (Of these, there were a few non-starters):
There were 46 former soldiers and 30 wives/others.
Of those:

Barracks where soldiers served
Goldie River Training Centre 7
Moem Barracks 13
Murray Barracks 13
Taurama Barracks 12
Igam Barracks 1
When the soldiers served (starting year)
1966 6
1967 10
1968 4
1969 15
1970 7
1971 2
1972 2

The following photographs are courtesy of Kathryn Morris
The following photographs are courtesy of Boyd Robertson

Major Helen Lambe speaks on RAAEC Today

Ian thanks WO2 Dan Winkel

Jokes all round in the Moem corner

Ian thanking the RAAEC speaker Major Helen Lambe

Ex RAAEC Captain wins the New Guinea memorabilia prize

Morning Welcome by Norm and Ian (seated)

Memorabilia Table and wine prize

Afternoon Barracks Groups

Reunion Planning Team
L-R Ian Ogston, Greg Ivey, Terry Edwinsmith, Kevin Smith, Frank Cordingley, Peter Darmody, Norm Hunter

1969-70 Moem Barracks Chalkies

Informal afternoon session

Roll Call……..

The following photographs are courtesy of Terry Edwinsmith and Peter Darmody

Part of Murray Barracks group
Far right – Peter Darmody


On left – Peter Darmody


On left – Peter Darmody

3 thoughts on “National Reunion, 6 Oct 2012

  1. Thanks to Greg, Terry and all who organised the Re-union and contributed to its promulgation and post re-union dissemination so successfully. The latest website news has some really important items worth reading by all Nashos.

  2. Qld’s pleasure, Denis. Thanks for making the trip.
    Sounds like you enjoyed catching up with your Taurama mates and talking to other Chalkies.

  3. Thank you to all who organised the day. It was great to hear so many stories, especially at the informal discussions at the club after the reunion. The photos are great. Denis O’Rourke

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