Activities by Murray Barracks soldiers

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Activities around Port Moresby

Sgt. Peter Wedgwood weds in Port Moresby - first nasho to marry in PNG - 13 May 1967

Sgt John Cuneen(reg. army-rations store), Sgt Jim Knight (reg army-great darts player), Sgt Neil Gibson (guitar), Sgt Ken Hannaford (guitar), Sgt Bruce Harris - 1966

Education Section picnic Idlers Bay- Capt. John Finn, Officer Commanding (foreground, far right) (Feb-68)

Murray Barracks sergeants on fishing trip on an LSM between teaching blocks (Apr 68)

Rugby 2nds
Back Row: Kilarie, Sgt John Gibson, Tar Tar, 2nd Lt Lockie McLachan,
Middle Row: Cpl. Dave Carpenter, Jengy, Sgt Mick Turnbull, Capt Don Medcine(coach), Capt John Bryant(team captain), Sgt Neil Gibson (team vice captain), PIR Cpl Aiwon Lohia (from Manus Is)
Front Row: Aion, Lala, Beka Pietzie, Lulu, Diese
ARMY player named in ‘South Pacific Post’ but not listed above….Taura - 1966

Retrieving a bogged car on a group outing to Crystal Rapids – 1971

Chalkies visit to Bomana War Cemetery.
Daryl Neale in foreground – 1971

Civic Action Patrols to the Fly River, Bamu River (a large river east of the Fly River in Western Province, PNG), Balimo (between the Fly and Bamu Rivers) and Kerema (capital of Gulf Province, PNG) (1966)

Sgt Graham Lindsay on a Fly River Civic Action Patrol - 1966

Naval landing craft on a Fly River Civic Action Patrol - 1966

Our Landing Craft, skippered by WO1 Pappy Doig was able to negotiate quite narrow tributaries of the Bamu, one of which took us to Balimo – 1966

Unloading supplies at Balimo Sgt Gibson is on the loading ramp (dark shirt) directly above one of the shirtless local boys – 1966

Village on the Bamu River during Civic Action Patrol – 1966

Food excursion by Sgts. Gibson and Mitchell in Balimo for patrol and locals. Sgt Mitchell in middle

Civic Action Patrol working with villagers from Kerema building a culvert using logs that we had felled (2 logs at the bottom with a gap, one log on top to seal the gap then fill in the hole). Sgt Bruce Harris is in line with the bulldozer. Patrol Commander (Captain) has hand on hip. Any PI's wearin hats and boots were army - all of the villagers were hatless, shirtless and barefooted. - 1966

Balimo Road gang at Kerema
Back row: Sgt Neil Gibson, PIR private (from Buka Is, near Bougainville), reg army private, PIR private also from Buka Is
Front row: 2 PIR soldiers

PIR soldier discussing the culvert building process at Kerema with a group of local villagers. The holes for the culverts were all dug by hand

Many National Service Sergeants taught at Iduabada Tech as part of their duties

School sports at Iduabada Tech – 1971

School maintenance at Iduabada Tech – grass cutting with machetes Fear of snakes made this a very unpopular duty – 1971

School assembly at Iduabada Tech – 1971

A visit to Local Island in the school-built ‘Lakatoi’ ferry boat by Iduabada Tech – 1971

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