Activities by Moem Barracks soldiers

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Men at Manuarkua Village, 80 km north of Baiyer River township, 1970

Sgt. Greg Smith (left) and Sgt. Graeme Johnson testing the new road to Mission station at Dreikikir, 28 km west of Maprik

Chambri Lake 1970
Sgt. Keith Werder and local fisherman

Chambri Lakes 1970
Sgt Keith Werder (left) and Sgt. Graeme Johnson(middle)

Chambri Lakes 1970
On right: Sgt. Rob Duff (front) and Sgt. Graeme Johnson (rear)

Yangaru Bike Rally 1970
Sgts. (L to R) Keith Werder, Greg Ivey, Graeme Johnson, Kym Rothe, Boyd Robertson (seated)

Night Competition 1970 Sgts (blue) v Officers (red) - Sgt. Rob Duff airborne

Patrol at lunch 1968. Soldiers used natural material to make and tie the tables and seats

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