Activities by Goldie River soldiers

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Unless stated otherwise, all named soldiers were National Servicemen

Goldie Chalkies on the Kokoda Track

Goldie Chalkies on the Kokoda Track

Parade Ground, Goldie River - 1969-70

Preparing for a trip to the highlands via a Caribou - 1969-70

Civic Action Patrol to build an airstrip at Menari. The village saw action during the Kokoda campaign in World War II

Building the airstrip at Menari

Sgt Alex Thomson at Menari on Kokoda Track - building an airstrip

Sgt Thomson's sleeping accomodation at Menari

Menari strip - slope of 11 degrees

Menari Village - lots of signs of Jap and Aussie ammunition dumped during WWII

Airdrop during Menari airstrip construction

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