‘Chalkies’ is the slang name given to members of the Royal Australian Army Educational Corps. The term here refers specifically to teachers who were conscripted into the Army during the Vietnam years to teach in Papua New Guinea. After basic and infantry training, they were sent to work with the soldiers of the Pacific Islands Regiment in Port Moresby (Taurama Barracks, Goldie River Training Depot and Murray Barracks), Lae (Igam Barracks) and Wewak (Moem Barracks). Most served between 12 and 18 months in PNG.

Today, these teacher/soldiers have met together to tell the story of their time in Papua New Guinea. On this site, the stories and photos of their time in the Army will be told.



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Comment from Neville Browne regarding WO1 Frederick Wilson

I thought that readers would be interested to know that WO1 Frederick Alexander Wilson will be placed on the Roll of Honour at the Australian War Memorial on 11 November 2014.

He will be in the section known as the Roll of Honour Operational Service panel “Papua New Guinea, 1947 -1975″

This has been confirmed to me by the AWM. Another eleven men will also be added.

You can read the story of WO1 Frederick Wilson as published in PNG Attitude by clicking here

Plaque at the Australian War Memorial commemorating those soldiers who died in TPNG including WO1 Wilson



Former members of the RAAEC who served in TPNG during their National Service 1966-72 have joined with like-minded former soldiers, to record the history of those times, highlighting the events in PNG that occurred in parallel with the Vietnam War. In the process of collecting the history and meeting up with former colleagues both locally and in PNG, a recent photographic collection has been made. This mainly centres on reunions, trips to PNG, ANZAC marches, military lunches and Corps visits connected with the RAAEC and PNG.
The primary purpose of these functions is to record and preserve the history of the 1966-73 eras. A secondary object is to meet up with like-minded people whose lives were changed by the National Service Ballot, which in our case, was probably for the better. A pictorial history on Facebook documents our most recent efforts in this matter. you HAVE a Facebook account, ‘liking’ this facebook page means any updates will appear in your timeline.


New statistics about membership are listed below



Port Moresby – Murray Barracks, Taurama Barracks and Goldie River
Lae – Igam Barracks
Wewak – Moem Barracks and Vanimo

Summary of MEMBERSHIP as at October 2012, August 2013, November 2015 and December 2017

As part of our endeavours to find as many National Servicemen who served in Papua New Guinea during 1966 to 1972, we have a spreadsheet that contains a list of names of those we have found as well as many names given to us by National Servicemen who we are still trying to contact. In all, there were 254 (Oct 12), 299 (Aug 13), 377 (Nov 15) and 355 (Dec 17) names in our list of which we appear to have contact with 117 (Oct 12), 160 (Aug 13), 208 (Nov 15) and 228 (Dec 17).
The following statistics are fairly rubbery in that much of the data is incomplete and contains details from both lists (contacted and uncontacted National Servicemen) but still gives us an indication of where we are at in our quest.

Barracks where we served
Oct 12 Aug 13 Nov 15 Dec 17
Goldie 29 35 49 49
Igam 12 23 48 41
Moem 31 55 74 72
Murray 68 89 104 94
Taurama 49 55 65 53
Others 0 0 6 6
State of Enlistment
Oct 12 Aug 13 Nov 15 Dec 17
NSW 63 82 114 112
QLD 36 47 57 52
SA 11 19 29 27
VIC 53 77 112 94
WA 20 31 35 35
TAS 0 3 5 4
First year of contact with PNG
Oct 12 Aug 13 Nov 15 Dec 17
1965 1 1 1 1
1966 21 26 30 29
1967 24 38 53 51
1968 16 28 52 50
1969 36 44 56 54
1970 31 37 56 54
1971 9 31 49 54
1972 9 12 31 30